How I’d Love to Take New York – Book Review

How I’d Love to Take New York – Book Review

It looks like my love-hate relationship with chick-lit is a work in progress. It’s also the one thing that sends my carefully planned optimised post out of the window. Yes, I want a focus keyword, but don’t really want to change my post into a robotised one. No, I’m keeping my own voice and sod the carefully planned post around a keyword I can’t for all my writing ability shove into this text.

I’ll simply pour my heart out and review the latest chick-lit novel that found its way into my Kindle library. Miranda Dickinson’s I’ll Take New York momentarily made me forget that chick-lit usually makes me want to throw my Kindle out of the window, and I clicked that dreaded one-click-purchase button.

My Battle With Chick-Lit Continues

Why Do I Have a Problem With Chick-Lit?

I used to love girly books, filled with romance, so we can happily sigh when your typical girl next-door gets swept of her feet by prince charming. This is still alright. But what I started to notice (the older I got) was that all the heroines seemed to be flaky, rather stupid and somehow always managed to end up in a spot of bother. And I HATE THAT! Women aren’t like that. We’re strong, capable of taking care of ourselves and while being swept of our feet is the definite cherry on the cake, it’s not what defines us. Reading Miranda Dickinson’s I’ll Take New York was a breath of fresh air. It’s still cheesy and quite predictable, we have a man (handsome, rich and successful) and a woman (handsome, successful and in need of a relationship), so it’s not difficult to guess how the book will end.

Reading Relaxation

Will I’ll Take New York Improve My Thoughts on Romance?

Turning the pages and getting to know Jake and Bea was fun though. She, a Brit, who moved to New York for uni, always seems to be in a relationship, it’s almost as if they define her, but at least I never felt like she’s an idiot. After her latest relationship falls apart and she meets Jake, they make a Pact never to embark on the slippery slopes of love again. Yeah, like that’s going to work.

What I enjoyed about this book was that Bea manages to have her own business. There’s hiccups as well, as there are in real life, and I appreciated that. She seems to be quite happy on her own, discovering who she really is and what she enjoys and my hopes for chick-lit have shot through the roof. Only to be knocked right back down (spoiler alert) when out of the blue there’s a romantic interest from a third person, in the shape and form of Bea’s college friend Russ. I didn’t think this twist was needed at all as it only took up about a page or two. Unfortunately, it didn’t add to the story one bit.

At one moment we have Russ declaring his undying love for Bea and two pages later he’s hoping she’ll marry Otis (aka. the idiot also known as her ex).  Adding this to the story felt as if it was shoved in because another twist was needed, but it just felt completely out of place. And surely, no one (not even a man) can go from being utterly and completely in love for years to “Meh, whateves!”

I'll Take New York Book Review

Come On Chick-Lit, You Can Do It

Despite some unnecessary additions to the story and a few predictable twists, this was quite an enjoyable book. If I’m honest, I needed an easy read after some heavier reading I’ve been doing recently. The story has all you need in a romance, beautiful people, amazing city (sorry, I’m biased) and a predictable plot with even more predictable twists (if you’ve read chick-lit before, you know what I mean), but that’s OK. After all, we don’t pick up books like this one when we’re in the mood for a serious and possibly difficult read.

Do you enjoy chick-lit? What are your favourite books? Let me know, I’d love to add them onto my list. And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ to never miss a post.


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