I love cooking, eating out, reading and such and sharing my experience with you, my readers. You’ll find recipes, restaurant reviews and book reviews in this category. Things that make my life fun and interesting.

Life and Changing Lifestyle

Since early March I’ve been busy writing, but not busy publishing anything. Well, to be honest, I was busy writing during those moments when I wasn’t rolling around on the floor in tears of pain…

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The Perfect Summer Cocktail Recipe

What’s not to like about summer? Sunshine, a delicious summer cocktail or two while chatting to friends on a rooftop or in your own garden. It must be my favourite time of the year even…

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The Gilded Shroud – A Book Worth Reading?

This year I’m fairly behind on my reading challenge. Not that I’m not reading, but thanks to some lifestyle changes there’s been less time to enjoy a book. And that’s why it’s so important to…

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Surviving Valentine’s Day

We survived Galentines and now we’re bracing ourselves for the day that’s possibly equivalent to Christmas in the eternal struggle of not breaking the bank. That and not upsetting the one we love. Or not…

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No New Year’s Resolutions

You didn’t set any goals at the end of 2017? And you’re now reading all these posts about how everyone will smash 2018? Are you worried you’ll be totally left behind? Well, don’t. While new…

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