I love cooking, eating out, reading and such and sharing my experience with you, my readers. You’ll find recipes, restaurant reviews and book reviews in this category. Things that make my life fun and interesting.

Surviving the Second Trimester

Happily sailing through the second trimester. Yes, we only told people we’re pregnant when I was already 25 weeks down the road. The main reason for that is that in the UK this is the…

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People Pleaser

Are you a people pleaser and is this costing you your peace of mind?

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So, You’re Pregnant, Now What?

Hiding your pregnancy and battling through the first trimester might as well be the title of a horror movie if you ask me. For the majority of the first three months I was in a…

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Life and Changing Lifestyle

Since early March I’ve been busy writing, but not busy publishing anything. Well, to be honest, I was busy writing during those moments when I wasn’t rolling around on the floor in tears of pain…

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The Perfect Summer Cocktail Recipe

What’s not to like about summer? Sunshine, a delicious summer cocktail or two while chatting to friends on a rooftop or in your own garden. It must be my favourite time of the year even…

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