I love cooking, eating out, reading and such and sharing my experience with you, my readers. You’ll find recipes, restaurant reviews and book reviews in this category. Things that make my life fun and interesting.

My Immigration Story

Immigration is bad for the country. Immigrants steal our jobs. Immigrants only rip off our benefits’ system. Who hasn’t heard any of these in the year and a half in the post-Brexit vote Britain. I…

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Are you unrelatable?

Twitter seems to be an endless source of inspiration. Bloggers who pay companies, so that bots can grow their following – click bait post – done. Influencers wearing fur – outfit post promoting fake fur…

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Why Do We Love To Hate Exercise?

Expert in sports and exercise? Who? Me? Oh no, no, no. I’m very far from it. I mean, unless eating counts as an exercise? No? I thought so. Ah well. So why am I writing…

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Battle Exhaustion Like A Pro

It’s been pretty obvious that I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for quite a while. Sure, I made a couple appearances thanks to having nothing to do while waiting for a flight, but I haven’t…

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Why I Stopped Blogging and What It Taught Me

Why I started Blogging and Fell In Love With It I started London Damsel in January 2016 as a creative outlet. This was before realising that blogging can be a full time job. Before having…

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