I love cooking, eating out, reading and such and sharing my experience with you, my readers. You’ll find recipes, restaurant reviews and book reviews in this category. Things that make my life fun and interesting.

Shoes For Anthony – A Book That Made Me Cry

I’m sure we’ve all read at least one book that made us a bit emotional. The one that caused an uncontrolled flood of tears in my case, was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. And…

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What Makes a Successful Blogger

Before you read on, do me a favour. Answer the question. Are you a successful blogger? It’s simple, what was the first word that came to mind, yes or no. Now think why you answered…

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Finding Good Food Outside London – A Trip to Berkshire

The Waterside in Woodley shares a part of its name with the famous Waterside Inn in Bray, but it shouldn’t be mixed up and it still deserves a post of its own. It may not…

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Film Night or How I Went to a Private Screening

As soon as Monday, 27 March came around the corner, I could no longer contain my excitement. It was the day of the private screening. The film based on the book that I just finished…

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Did You See Melody – A Gripping Thriller

It feels I’ve been reading crime and thriller novels without a break in the recent weeks. But I can’t help it, they just read really quickly. There’s something about suspense novels that grips you and…

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