Why Experience is the Best Christmas Gift

It’s that time of the year again when those amongst us who’re well organized are sitting in comfy chairs sipping mulled wine and enjoying the festive days. However, those who don’t forward plan quite as much, rack our brains and try to come up with gifts for the nearest and dearest. Who hasn’t been asked the “What would you like for Christmas?” or even asked that question themselves? And the answer is often difficult to either get or give. I, for one, never know what I’d really like. As a grown up, we tend to buy whatever we need when we need it, so come Christmas, we’re out of ideas.

What To Get People for Christmas?

There is one thing, one gift that we’ve received (Ben and me) in the recent years that proved to be a lovely surprise and something that we were able to enjoy together. Yes, you guessed it. It was a gift of an experience. And the best experience is the one, you’d never think of doing yourself. It’s not just the doing it, it’s also broadening your horizons, learning new things and possibly even discovering a new hobby.

Citi Field Stadium 
We enjoyed our trip to London’s Ice Bar, we gifted the experience of a wine tasting tour to family members, there were high tea vouchers in my brother’s Christmas stocking and a trip to see a musical in my mum’s.

There’s always an experience you can match to a friend or a family member. And 6 Nations Hospitality could be a perfect gift for that sports buff person in your life. Or on a second thought, not just a sports enthusiast, why not give that experience to someone who wouldn’t even think of watching rugby? I’m sure it’d be a great day out. I’m actually speaking from experience.

Experience High tea

Why A Gift of an Unusual Experience Works?

When I was travelling around Australia, I was taken to see Ozzie Rules football and it’s the one experience that’s still imprinted in my memory. I’m far from a person who enjoys watching sports, so it was an interesting idea, taking me to the game. But once the whistle was blown, I was up and cheering with the rest of the crowd. And this one experience that’s more than just unusual in my book opened my mind to others. Since then I enjoyed cricket at the Oval (with the obligatory jug of Pimms), a baseball match at the Citi Field, home of the NY Mets (and I’d be forever sorry to miss that and the delicious deep fried Oreos!). And there’s more sporting events of the horizon for this experience enthusiast.

Experiencing a Baseball Match

Have your been gifted an experience or wish that you were? What’s on your list of experiences that may have contributed to broadening your horizons? Would you enjoy a spectator sport? Let me know 🙂

Cricket Experience at the Oval

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