Mango and Prawn Salad Recipe – delicious and quick
This is a quick and healthy dish that is extremely tasty and easy to prepare. Perfect for busy weekdays or to impress your dinner quests.
Servings Prep Time
3people 30mins
Servings Prep Time
3people 30mins
  1. Mix 2 tsp of olive oil, 1.5 tsp of fish sauce, juice of one lime and the zest of one lime in a bowl.
  2. Wash the lettuce and cut into bitesize chunks. Drain well.
  3. Peel the cucumber (lightly), cut lengthways and remove the seeds. Use a teaspoon. Slice the cucumber diagonally.
  4. Slice the spring onions into thin slices.
  5. Peel the mango, remove the seed and cut into thin sticks.
  6. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with the dressing.
Recipe Notes

If you like corriander, you can put some in this salad as well. I’m not a big fan of it, so I always skip it.
You can also prepare this mango and prawn salad earlier, just keep the lettuce away from other ingredients and don’t mix with the dressing just yet as you don’t want to make everything soggy. Mix the ingredients and lettuce and dressing just before serving.