I’ve always loved to travel. Being a grown-up has stopped me from jetting off for months on end, but I still get to visit a few dreamy destinations during my holidays.

USA bound or Why I Love To Travel

So, I’m sitting in a lounge at Heathrow Airport, drinking bubbly and trying to write a post on my phone while battling the silly suggestions autocorrect throws at me. It’s been about six months since…

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Falling in Love With Kyoto

I haven’t published a travel post in ages, which is strange seeing that 2016 took us to three different continents. There’s so much material in my to-do folder that I finally decided to catch up…

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Alta Badia – One Of The Best Places To Ski

Alta Badia isn’t just a winter fairytale OK, I may be biased. I’ve been going to Alta Badia since I was probably about ten years old. And that’s quite a while. Despite knowing the area…

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Eating in Japan, My Favourite Places

I always describe myself as a foodie. Well, recently at least. Before, I felt that saying you’re a foodie means you like expensive meals and frequent Michelin starred restaurants where you nod cleverly at the…

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Perfect Day Trip – Kamakura

I got very excited about being able to blog on the go from Japan. But after pushing four posts live, I realised that a smartphone is still only that, a phone. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very…

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