Breakfast Guide to New York City

Breakfast Guide to New York City

I love New York City and food, so a holiday in the city that never sleeps is one of my favourite ones. How could I not get excited about the foodie heaven that is the Big Apple. The only worry is pacing myself and being realistic about what’s reasonable to consume (or what’s only slightly over the top and won’t land me in a heap at the side of the road). So, here’s my guide to New York City food, I’ll start with the breakfast guide.

Being picky when it comes to food is just not like me. Whenever I watched Saturday Morning Kitchen and started thinking about Food Hell and Food Heaven I really struggled to come up with something that I found too revolting to try. Maybe celery. But even when that is put on my plate, I’ll still eat it. Probably won’t like it, but fuss, nope. So, when Ben and I flew over to NYC, I couldn’t wait to sit down and dig in.


Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, or so I hear, we could not but go to the best bagel place in town. No breakfast guide to NYC would be complete without a mention of this piece of foodie heaven. It’s a place I religiously go to every time I’m across the pond and a toasted everything bagel, buttered with egg, bacon and cheese is my default order. If you like fish, you need to try their salmon or white fish spread, it’s to die for. Don’t let the massive queue in front of Ess-A-Bagel deter you, people wait for 30minutes+ for a reason. And the staff is lovely, when you wait, they come round with taster trays, so you won’t perish. Try their coffee with milk too, I love it. And if you think that an everything bagel sounds terrifying, they have a massive selection ranging from a plain one to a pumpernickel one. You’ll find this bagel heaven on 831 3rd Avenue.

Ess-A-Bagel - Everyhting Bagel

 Our second breakfast stop was The Morning Star on 879 9th Ave. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s packed with locals and tables are hard to come by. Ben being the more sensible one of the two of us kept to eggs Benedict, while I ploughed through a plate of blueberry pancakes with bacon and two eggs, which I drowned in plenty of maple syrup. Ah well, when in Rome… Needless to say, the food was delicious, so much so in fact, that we kept coming back. It was probably also one of the cheaper breakfasts we had in NYC.

Morning Star - Eggs Benedict

Sensible Eggs Benedict above and my less sensible stack of pancakes, bacon and eggs.

Morning Star - Breakfast Pancakes

 Pershing Square was our third breakfast place. Neatly tucked away next to Grand Central Station, it’s not a difficult place to find at 90 E 42nd Street.

Pershing Square

 The interior is amazing, hidden under the arches, draped in red, it almost gives you a weird feeling as if you’re sitting in an old train (but much, much bigger). Staff as anywhere else in NYC is friendly. We both opted for pancakes, which seemed to be a hybrid between the American ones and crepes. They were delicious if a bit too sweet for my taste.

Pershing Square - Pancakes

 And onto Brooklyn Diner on 212 W 57th Street. Not only it’s near Time Warner Centre and Lincoln Center, so you may end up bumping into a celebrity, it’s got the look and feel of a quintessential American diner.

Brooklyn Diner

 This was an expensive breakfast, but looking at all the famous names plastered all over the room, it’s not surprising. Ben was being his normal sensible self again and I tried the huevos rancheros as a proper foodie would. And they were tantalizingly delicious. The sauce was just right, refreshing enough, chorizo provided a bit of a kick and the polenta cubes were a welcome addition. I was in foodie heaven.

Brooklyn Diner - Choc Chip Pancakes

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