Who’s The Driving Force Behind London Damsel

About Me

My name’s Maja (and I can already hear you trying to pronounce that and wondering if you’re doing it right). To make it simple, I started signing my name as Maya after I moved to London quite a while ago now. When I setup this blog I was so overwhelmed by everything I wanted to do that I completely forgot the most important part. The About Me section. Eeeek. Newby blogger fail.

The featured image on this page summarises me pretty well. I love books and sitting in the sun. What you can’t see in the photo are my other passions and vices. Coffee, travelling, buying more shoes that we can fit in our flat. Oh, and food. I’m probably at my happiest when somebody places a full plate, bowl, chopping board, you name it, in front of me. Which is probably why quite a few of my collaborations were food related from tasting food at home to restaurant reviews.

Every once in a while (mostly when I’m frustrated because there’s no daylight left to take photos after I come home) I wish blogging was my full time job. Other times, I’m very happy that I get to wake up every day and make the dreaded commute to central where I work in an office as an account director. Maybe I don’t get to work with world’s biggest brands on my blog, but I work with some in my full time job. Ha, small victories.

My way into the blogosphere started in 2010 (oh, why didn’t I keep it up, silly me!) when I embarked on my first UK adventure (aka. working as an English Teacher in Oxford). I still think that “Maya’s Adventures” are some of my best writing efforts – hahaha. In December 2014 I started another blog, London Beginnings was pretty successful. The whole reason behind that one was to share my experience with moving to a new country with other people. It then grew into something bigger. Recipes, food reviews, things to do in London, book reviews, fashion. And that triggered the birth of London Damsel.

I wanted a clean start. And a blog that’s only in one language. Keeping up with posts in English only is time consuming enough and I was seriously running out of time to translate every post.

So, here we are. London Damsel is essentially me. It’s things I love from lifestyle posts to travelling, food, some fashion, books and I’m starting to discover more about beauty too. I’m incerdibly grateful that I never really left blogosphere for good. Blogging has taught me so much already. It boosted my confidence and introduced me to so many incredible people that I now see as good friends.

What’s next? Definitely growing this blog and engagement with my readers. Meeting new people and doing one thing that scares me every day 😉

If you want to collaborate with me, email me at maja@londondamsel.co.uk