What’s All The Faff Around Double Cleansing

My Double Cleansing Routine

Time To Grab This Beauty Thing By The Horns

I’ve been telling everybody about my beauty adventures. Or lack thereof. I’m fascinated by beauty products, makeup and all the lovely people out there who seem to master it. Me, not so much. On Saturday I went to BlogCon London where Lucy from Let’s Face It Makeup retouched my makeup. She told me I’ll be on the receiving end of strobing. What? Erm, I was confused. My head was quickly filled with images of strobe lights. How does that go with makeup?! But let’s leave strobing aka the new contouring (I’m so down with the cool kids now) till the next time and focus on double cleansing instead.

Is Double Cleansing Only a Fad

Skin Care Routine?

My skin care routine used to resemble my makeup one. Meaning that I used whatever scrub I liked the look of. And that was it. Lather your face while in the shower, rinse, be happy. If I was feeling particularly generous, I’d use some skin tonic too. Isn’t my face lucky.

This routine seemed to have worked pretty well. Or if I’m honest, I’m just that fortunate person that has great skin genes. Thanks parents, grandparents and the rest of you on the family tree. However, now at 35 (why, do I feel like being honest when it comes to age is beyond me), I felt I should be kinder to my skin. After all, I hate (with a passion) needles, so no Botox and the like for me further down the line. Enter double cleansing.

My Two Double Cleansing Must Haves

What Is Double Cleansing

You guessed it. It’s cleaning your skin twice.

As a person who’s not aware of all the beauty trends and fads I was surprised to discover that double cleansing is centuries old. Yup, women in Japan have been double cleansing for hunderds of years. Which doesn’t come as a surprise, their skin is tremendous. And they all look so young. Yup, avoiding the sun and treating your skin with respect pays off.

This skin care routine has started making more and more headlines this year. There are new products appearing that promote double cleansing. So, is this the reason why I jumped on the bandwagon?


Skin Care Is Important

Why Did I Ditch My Skin Care Routine For Double Cleansing?

If you read my blog, you know the start to 2017 has been quite tough. I’ve been fighting flu and cough and exhaustion which reflected on my skin. What I noticed was that my cheeks were getting really dry, they had this horrible sandpaper feeling to them. For someone who’s used to have baby soft skin this was a massive shock.

So I did what every beauty newbie does. I scrubbed. Get that flaky feeling off my face! And then moisturized with greasy cream. It worked for a short while. By short I mean a few hours tops. The problem with this routine is that scrubbing doesn’t remove the dead skin only, it takes some of your healthy skin cells away too. Not good.

The next step was washing my brushes and sponges more often. A great improvement in my makeup routine. Unfortunatelly, it didn’t do much for my sandpaper cheeks.

And then I decided to spend a bit more time on cleaning my skin. Properly this time.

My Favourite Beauty Products

How Do We Do It?

Reading about double cleansing, you’ll find out you should remove makeup first. It’s almost like cleaning your shoes. Remove mud first and then polish them. A lot of articles online suggest you use oil based products. Which makes sense because so many of our makeup products are oil based too. As such they are difficult to remove (as anyone who managed to get their eyeliner on their favourite white top might tell you).

When your face is clean, the second clean is actually proper skin cleansing which preps our skin for the products we’ll apply later, such as moisturizer. Second cleanse softens our skin and helps it absorb whatever we’re using next. And if the last thing are anti-ageing products, clean skin is a must.

If our skin isn’t properly clean, it will look dull. And you’ll probably end up with sandpaper cheeks.

Is Double Cleansing Just a Fad

What Are The Best Beauty Products To Use?

I’m no authority on beauty, but I’d say whatever is suitable for your skin type and is within your budget. I’ve tried budget friendly products and top end and can say that I’d never spend top bucks just so I can then Instagram my cleanser. It’s not worth getting yourself into debt. Products you get at a chemist’s work well enough.

Soap&Glory are the products I’m currently using as a part of my double cleansing routine. And I really like them. I first discovered their body soap and fell in love with the retro packaging. A few years down the line, I still use it.

I start by using Drama Clean, 5-in-1 micellar cleansing water. It’s not oil based, but it removes my makeup pretty well (I don’t use waterproof makeup). I like the smell, it’s very fresh, but there’re reviewers out there who aren’t fans. So, it’s up to you to decide. One thing I wouldn’t recommend, is getting this cleansing product in your eyes. It stings quite a lot. Don’t lick your lips while the product is applied either unless you’re a big fan of bitterness.

After I’ve removed my makeup, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, etc., I don’t rinse my face. I squirt two dollops of Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean Deep Cleansing Milk on my palm and massage all over my face. Some people suggest you remove the milk with a muslin cloth soaked in warm water. I just rinse it off. This product is probably my favourite one. It smells really nice and leaves my skin feel soft.

Our Skin Deserves To Be Treated Well

What About Eye Makeup?

We all know that the skin around our eyes is the most sensitive. That’s why I don’t like rubbing Drama Clean on my eyes and eyelids too much. My eyes are also extremely sensitive, so eye makeup removal products need to be really gentle. I use No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover. It’s oil based and so gentle it never hurts my eyes. Just a little bit removes any remaining eye makeup perfectly. You just shake the bottle to mix the ingredients, tip it upside down on a cotton pad and voila. You’re ready.

I don’t even rinse the remover off after I’m finished.

How do you clean your skin? And what do you use to remove your makeup? I’d love to hear any tips you’ve got.

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