All about my style and how to achieve the look. Mostly high street fashion from thrifty to upper-end ones. It’s all about combining the two to get the most out of any wardrobe.

Getting My Going Out Clothes Ready for Christmas

Getting back to writing has never felt this good. For the past ten months or so I’ve been either pregnant or stuck in casual clothes, mostly trying to pacify a baby. This is why you…

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What To Wear To A Concert or How I Went To A Metal Gig

Please don’t judge me when I say metal isn’t my kind of music. But then again my taste in melody producing bands or individuals is anything but simple. Rock, yes, when I feel like it.…

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Why I’ll Stop Complaining and Why You Should Too

It’s so easy to complain and moan. Come winter and dark days I find myself ranting even more. About everything. Which more often than not results in me feeling miserable. And there’s really no reason…

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Tulle Skirt and Superga – Match Made in Heaven

Tulle skirts are all the rage this season. But I get that. What little (or grown-up) girl doesn’t dream of becoming a ballerina? I did and still do, despite my hand-foot coordination resembling a stumbling…

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Let’s Think About the True Cost of Fashion

I feel a bit as if I’ve just been punched really hard and forced to open my eyes to the true cost of fashion. And it’s hard. I love fashion and shopping for my favourite…

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