Best Shoes I’ve Ever Bought

Best Shoes I've ever Bought

Ok, I admit it, maybe I’m slightly exaggerating. After all, I do love my Michael Kors court shoes to bits (even though they required a bit of breaking in). But the fact remains that while MK beauties were the best shoes I’ve ever bought for a number of years, at the moment, they’re lying in a box with a snapped off heel (courtesy of London’s wonky pavements). But we all know that when push comes to show, us, girls (and some men I’d venture a lucky guess) go shoe shopping.

I walk past a number of shops on a daily basis and L.K. Bennett always catches my eye. Yes, their shoes are slightly more pricey, but in my experience it’s sometimes worth investing in a good pair. But please don’t think I’m that lucky one with a wardrobe full of Jimmy Choos and the like, far from it, most of my footwear comes from Aldo, Office and sometimes even Primark. But I do invest in a few staple items that have to be of a good quality, preferably leather ones.

Ready for the conference. My new court shoes must be the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. 😍 #fashion #fashionista #fashionblogger #fashiongram #fashionable

After debating whether I want to spend £175 on a pair of shoes for quite some time, I decided that they are worth it. And I haven’t regretted it yet.

These L.K. Bennett court shoes are extremely comfortable, they come in really small sizes, down to European 35 and the insoles I bought with them make them into proper Cinderella shoes. I tried sizes 35 and 36 and while the length of the smaller ones was spot on, they were rather narrow around the toes, so I opted for the larger size with some insoles.

These shoes with a 90mm heel are really easy to walk around in and aren’t slippery at all, which I know to appreciate. If you prefer a higher heel, you can go for Sledge model with a 1.2cm platform and 10 cm heel. I’m thinking I may even pop back in the store and get those too.

If only it was this easy to double any shoe collection 😃 👠 #fashion #fashionista #fashiongram #fashionable #fashionpost

So far I’m wearing them without the insoles and I haven’t got a single blister to report, which is what made me choose the title of this blog post. Maybe it’s not 100% accurate but Stila Patent Leather Court Shoes are very close to the best shoes I’ve ever bought. And they come in a variety of colours from light taupe, red, marshmallow, blue and black. You can just take your pick.


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