It’s All About Shoes – Flats

It's All About Shoes - Flats

Flats aka shoes with no high-heel aka all 5’1” of me

I have injured my foot. It seems that going to the gym may not be as healthy as I thought it is. Fortunately, my toe isn’t broken, it’s just strained. Unfortunately, I was told to rest it, not to run and take it easy walking, oh and…. no high heels. So, here’s my ode to flats.

To be honest, I don’t mind flats, I think they are brilliant. Looking at my shoeshelf testifies to that. There’s pink ones, stripey ones, blue ones, black ones, animal print ones and on and on it goes. Flats are just useful, especially when you live in a city such as London and end up walking everywhere (or at least to the nearest tube station).

But when I’m told they are all I’m allowed to wear for the time being, I get a little bit out of spirits. Luckily, I’m known as a happy-go-lucky person, so I’m not going to stay moody for long, one reason for that is my new flats’ wishlist. Ah, there’s nothing better than a doctor prescribed new pair of shoes. Check out my wishlist below.

I do love Tory Burch and at just under £80, these flats are about to find their way onto my shoeshelf, but I think that Roger Vivier Gommette’s ones will stay on my wishlist for the time being. Not because I don’t like them enough, but I can’t justify buying expensive shoes just before we start our skiing holiday. One thing at a time.

I bought the Office loafers last year and they are on sale now. To be honest, my poor feet got blistered the first few times I wore them, but after breaking them in, I wouldn’t change them for the world. They are pretty comfortable once you get your usual idea of flats being incredibly soft out opf your head. But the soles of my feet hurt a lot less now that I’m not slaming them sytraight into the pavement.

It's All About Shoes - Flats

I love that they have a bit of a sole, so rainy London winters don’t leave my feet wet. Not all my flats are like these ones though, see below for inspiration from my shoeshelf. You’ll see I wasn’t kidding when I said I do love flats.

What’s your favourite pair of shoes?

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