Petite Trench Coat Nightmare

Petite trench coat

Spring’s here and my old tatty trench coat was in need of being replaced. I’ve been putting the purchase off for the last two years because I still remember the nightmare that is trying to find one that fits my 5’1” frame. And cue the title of this blog post Petite Trench Coat Nightmare.

My old trench coat was a Banana Republic one and I loved it to bits. The fit was spot on, no material being crumpled around my waist, it was small enough to not look like I’m wearing a tent. To describe it with one word perfect. Unfortunately, its leather cuffs got ruined after a trip to dry-cleaners, cue tears of distress, and it was pretty obvious that I won’t really be able to wear it anymore, unless I tried re-branding it as shabby-chic. And so the hunt for a new one started.

What I was looking for was a beige/camel one as I already own a dark blue mac and I like to have a few colour options. I headed over to my spiritual home, Banana Republic, to try the new petite one because the last one was my trusted companion for years. Unfortunately, the cut wasn’t flattering at all and I had no idea what to do with the belt. It was so long, I could wind it around me twice. The holes in the belt were also in a strange place, so if I actually used them, I stopped breathing (and moving).

This one is now sold out anyway, but I can’t wait to see what they have in stock for 2017!

Another shop I always gravitate towards is Massimo Dutti and their camel trench (sold out, but similar here) caught my eye in an instant. The colour is almost gold, it shines and I loved the stripy inside. Unfortunately, the S size was way too big for me, the sleeves covered my hands completely and there was so much material left at the back that I almost looked like a camel. I quickly grabbed the XS one, but this one was so tight around my hips and upper thighs that I was only able to mince about rather than walk like a Londoner. The judgement: too big or too small. I was pretty sad as I had fallen in love with that trench and kept dreaming about it as if it’s a long lost lover.

Next stop was Mango. At this point I was ready to buy whatever, just so I have a new trench. This one was almost there, but I felt it wasn’t elegant enough and I missed some more buttons below the belt. I put it back and made a note that failing to find a better option, I’ll be back.

My last resort was Hobbs. I rarely go there as I (for some reason) always connect Hobbs with tall women. But both their Saskia trench coat and the shorter Sara Mac (sold out, similar here) fit me like a glove. They are beautifully tailored, no crumpled material at the back and the even shortened the sleeves for £18, so my hands no longer get lost. In the end I opted for the shorter version as it looks better on my small frame. And the best thing is that the mac is also on sale at the moment.

To shop for your perfect trench, click on the images below.

Do you ever have problems finding clothes that fit you well?

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