Spring Shoe Haul or Why I Always Need More Shoes

Spring Shoe Haul

Spring’s here and despite it being freezing cold with clouds darkening the skies and hail smashing against my umbrella, this is the season when I usually shop more than during any other time of the year. Come winter and darkness at 4pm, I prefer to just go home, sit down and drink a cup of cocoa trying to forget we’ll be living in perpetual darkness for half a year. Or maybe it’s just that this year I’m slightly more inspired and keen to revamp my wardrobe than I used to be. Did visiting London Fashion Week turn me into a shopaholic? I hope not, but I am happy that there are three new pairs of spring shoes lined up in the bedroom for me to look at and feel happy.

I suspect that the dominant theme of this blog post on spring shoes will be comfort. Walking is such an integral part of my everyday that I simply can’t afford buying uncomfortable shoes (I do fail sometimes, mostly when I get blinded by how amazing they look or how much longer my legs appear in them).

Instagram is my favourite inspiration tool, especially bloggers such as Sinead from LoveStyleMindfulness, she has a great style, quite casual which is right up my alley. So, armed with a ton of inspiration, I turned to Google.

Searching for my wishlist items online helps me create a budget that I’m willing to spend (otherwise, believe me Ben would have to make sure I don’t starve to death while his clothes keep being squeezed out of the wardrobe). After an hour or so of work, I had the perfect list.

  1. Wedges
  2. Lace-up flats
  3. High-heel sandals
  4. Medium-heel shoes

The entire haul would set me back £120.96, so some rationalizing was necessary. I decided against the high-heel sandals and medium heels as I’ve got plenty of the first and would probably not wear the second much.

In the end I stopped by HM and bought the wedges for £24.99. I find them quite an integral part of my spring shoes collection. These ones are incredibly comfortable and the sizes run small, I got 3.5, which is usually too big for me. They are the perfect spring shoes to wear with summery dresses, skirts and jeans. The options of matching them with whatever is in your wardrobe are pretty much endless. I was fooling around taking photos of them while wearing my rolled-up home-jeans and they looked fab. My feet will have some getting used to though, after months of comfortable boots and socks, wearing them barefoot gave me a tiny blister, but it doesn’t take away from how easy it is to walk in them. It’s all about breaking the shoes in and bringing my feet back into the spring mode.

HM Spring Shoes - Wedge Heel Sandals

I wanted a pair of lace-up flats ever since they started appearing on every Instagramer’s feed, but I just never seemed to get round to actually buying a pair while my size was still in stock. Luckily, ZARA has the perfect pair, the Lace-Up D’Orsay flats that come in two colours, black and tan. Mine are black because I feel they are better matched to my clothes plus they don’t get dirty that quickly (always the practical me). ZARA shoes are insanely comfortable. My first pair of killer platforms came from here and they were (and still are) one of the most wearable shoes ever (well, after I learnt how to walk in them). And the best thing is, buying them won’t break the bank, they come in at £29.99. And if you prefer an even more affordable option, New Look has their patterned lace-ups on sale for £8 or £9 for the plain ones.

Zara Spring Shoes - Lace Ups

I won’t write too much about my essential third pair as I’ve already dedicated a whole blog post to how much I love and adore them. But they still belong into my spring shoe haul and are an essential pair that I wear to work, nights out, special events and the like as they aren’t just easy to walk in (not a single blister to report), but they always look good too. The L.K. Bennett’s were the expensive pair as they aren’t usually discounted being the very classic shoe, but I think they are worth the £175 paid.

LK Bennett Spring Shoes - High Heels

What are your essential spring items? What about shoes?
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