Tulle Skirt and Superga – Match Made in Heaven

tulle skirt

Tulle skirts are all the rage this season. But I get that. What little (or grown-up) girl doesn’t dream of becoming a ballerina? I did and still do, despite my hand-foot coordination resembling a stumbling elephant in a china shop. I couldn’t resist buying a tulle skirt this year. They’re just too cute and make me feel like a princess.

To be honest, I actually bought my tulle skirt for this summer’s Secret Cinema. I dressed up as Baby, so I paired it with a simple white shirt and my retro trainers.

Channeling my inner Baby

Falling out of love with this skirt is difficult, even when it gets colder. So last weekend, I got some neutral tights to keep me warm and a denim jacket over a simple white tee.

Perfect autumn outfit 1 (Small)

What I love the most about this ASOS tulle skirt are the numerous layers. They are never ending, a layer after a layer. This gives the skirt more volume and also prevents unnecessary Marilyn moments. What skirt wearing girl hasn’t had one of those?

Tulle Skirt and Denim Jacket 1 (Small)

Of course you can make this outfit a lot more elegant, pairing it with a blouse and heels, but I always opt for casual given half a chance.

Perfect Tulle Skirt Combo for Autumn 1 (Small)

Tulle Skirt and Superga Outfit 1 (Small)

Being a Londoner and despite having a wardrobe full of heels, I tend to slip my tiny feet into flats more often than not. Buying Superga trainers has probably been one of my best investments. I wear them all the time. They were the shoes you can see in all of my Japan posts. They kept my feet safe walking for miles and now look a bit less white as a result. But they go really well with this tulle skirt and make it look a bit retro while allowing me to trot all over London.

Favourite tulles skirt 1 (Small)

Autumn outfit detail 1 (Small)

You can shop my look below.

Happy Thursday everyone and don’t forget to connect with me via Bloglovin’, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for regular updates. xxx




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