Battle Exhaustion Like A Pro

Beat Exhaustion and Enjoy Life

It’s been pretty obvious that I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for quite a while. Sure, I made a couple appearances thanks to having nothing to do while waiting for a flight, but I haven’t been really active in months. And it bothered me at first. I mean, I worked so hard to get this blog growing. We all do. And then, I stopped. And saw all the hard work unravell. I ended up feeling guilty at weekends for not being up to speed, for yet again failing to write a post. However, despite knowing I wanted to be a part of the blogosphere, despite feeling bad about not even trying anymore, I just couldn’t get back into the swing of things.

I was so tired

After years of working really hard and a couple of years of spending my weekends blogging, it felt so nice to… just do absolutely nothing. I’d wake up on a Saturday, make myself a coffee and I’d spend hours reading on the sofa. We’d do our weekly shop and apart from cooking and doing laundry that was it. For once in a very long time, my weekends weren’t filled with thinking about schedules and whether the weather was good enough for a photo shoot. It was bliss.

During that time, the lovely Maisie and Mathilde sent me the new AERO Heavenly to try. This fit in perfectly with my heavenly weekends of zero stress.

Enjoy Life's Little Treats (Large)

Making My Break Even More Enjoyable

While I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I do like a little treat at the weekends. Or sometimes after a paritcularly busy day at work. Running short of time, it’s a massive plus if that dessert comes ready made and saves me spending hours in the kitchen. Excuse me being really corny here, but those AERO Heavenlys were a gift from heaven during my slump.

I tried both varieties, the Milk Chocolate Mousse with salted caramel sauce and hazelnuts and the Salted Caramel Mousse with caramel sauce and pecan nuts. While I’m a big fan of pecans and don’t really go for hazelnuts, I preferred the first one. The mousse was light and fluffy and you got a bit of a crunch when you hit a chunk of the nuts. The best thing about it is that it comes in a large 170g pot, which is perfect for sharing (or if you want to finish it off on your own, well, just go for it).

Aero Heavenly (Large)

What’s Next?

During this blogging break I relaised that I’ve fallen into a very typical blogging trap, which I wrote about here. The break also confirmed I need a creative outlet. I love writing, pouring my thoughts on the metaphorical paper. Friends I made in the blogosphere are the ones I enjoy interacting with on a daily basis and I knew I have to do everything in my power to make a come back. So, here I am. Once again.

But What About Feeling Tired All The Time?

It did cross my mind that I may end up in the viscious Catch-22 of blogging again. Scrolling through Instagram has all the potential to make you feel crap about your own life and style. Trying to grow (again) might throw me into working non-stop and ending up angry and miserable. But… Taking a step back in the last 6 months or so has shown me that your real followers are supportive and don’t disappear into the night if you don’t post every day. Yes, the growth may be slower, but living a life that you enjoy is more important.

So, whenever you feel exhaustion creeping in and trying to come in the way of things you love, take a step back. That gives you clarity to understand what your priorities in life are, what makes you happy and whether spending 5 hours a day on Instagram is worth the effort. If not, cut those hours down and go for a walk if you love the outdoors. Or read a book if that’s what makes you happy. Just remember that life is too short to not enjoy it.

I have learnt that I’ll never be a full time blogger, I just enjoy going to work a bit too much (minus the 6am wake up call). Which means that I can actually grow my little piece of the Internet at a pace that suits me. And in the hours I have left… Well, during those I can relax, grab a spoon and attempt to finish off the whole 170g pot of AERO Heavenly.

Beat Exhaustion with a Little Treat (Large)
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