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Best Books To Read in 2017

Back On Track

After a challenging start to the year, I feel like I’m finally back on track. This week’s two posts, a book review and a travel post have been published and I’m catching up on the four-post backlog.

My reading challenge of “I should read 80 books in 2017” is still a bit behind, but at least I’m back reading up to two novels each week. Life’s gone back to the usual routine and it couldn’t make me happier.

Between You And Me Weekly Book Review

Best Books of 2017 List Keeps Growing

As far as reading goes, there have been some pretty decent books that found their way into my library. It’s fantastic how reading communities grow and I found so much inspiration on Goodreads.

Looking at the last few months, it seems I’ve had my head stuck in crime and thriller. Despite my ever-growing worries that I’ll fall out of love with the genre if I over do it, I’ve picked up yet another psychological thriller.

And I’m not one bit sorry I did. Between You and Me by Lisa Hall is so cleverly written that it made my brain hurt.

2017 reading goals

Between You And Me – A Psychological Thriller You Should Read

After finishing Behind Closed Doors, I wasn’t sure reading another psychological thriller was a good idea. I like to spice up my reading after all. But if I really think about it, I think that a lot of our reading choices reflect the mood we’re currently in.

What I also noticed is that the book I’m reading seems to have some influence on my mood too. Especially, if I don’t do anything else. Have you ever felt like that?

Between You And Me

Is Between You And Me One Of The Best Books To Read This Year

It’s definitely a page turner. The story is told from two perspectives, Sally’s and Charlie’s. They are a married couple with a daughter and life looks perfect. It’s kind of like Behind Closed Doors, except it’s not.

While Sally stays at home looking after the house and the family, Charlie has a successful career as a lawyer. But once again things are not as they seem. Charlie is abusive.

Sally has to keep hiding bruises and burns, while trying to keep up appearances. Charlie loves challenging the abused partner, always looking for an excuse to blame them for one thing or the other.

As in Behind Closed Doors we’re trapped thinking why doesn’t Sally leave, there’s a loving family that’d offer support needed after all. It’s a typical abuse case (as if any of them are typical). But Charlie managed to successfully isolate Sally and there are glimpses of what life could be.

This is one incredibly well written book. You have to read carefully to try and figure what’s going on and who’s who.

When you finish the book, you’ll keep going back to try and find those little clues (there are not many of them!). My brain hurt when I finally put Between You And Me down. For some reason I found it difficult to reconcile my preconceptions with the ending. I’m sorry, I’m not giving much away here, but if I do, your whole reading experience will be ruined.

Great Psychological Thriller

Tell me if you read this book and what your thoughts were? For more, don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’.

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