Blogpsphere keeps growing and we’re all sticking to our guns and doing what we believe is best to grow our blog and engagement. I’ll try and explain a few things that work for me from basic SEO skills to how to generate traffic and get your blog nominated for awards.

How to Cope With Negativity Online

As a blogger I spend a fair bit of time online, not only reading and learning, but also scrolling through social media feeds. It’s inevitable that every day I hit posts saying how upset someone…

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Are you unrelatable?

Twitter seems to be an endless source of inspiration. Bloggers who pay companies, so that bots can grow their following – click bait post – done. Influencers wearing fur – outfit post promoting fake fur…

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Why I Stopped Blogging and What It Taught Me

Why I started Blogging and Fell In Love With It I started London Damsel in January 2016 as a creative outlet. This was before realising that blogging can be a full time job. Before having…

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What Makes a Successful Blogger

Before you read on, do me a favour. Answer the question. Are you a successful blogger? It’s simple, what was the first word that came to mind, yes or no. Now think why you answered…

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Liebster Award – What in the World Is This

Liebster Award Nominee – Who, Me? I’ve been nominated for this award by the lovely Lisa from Creative Misfit. We met on a Twitter chat one day realising that we’re one of the few thirty-ish…

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