Blogosphere Christmas Do or My Beauty Haul

Blogosphere Christmas

While my blog is nearing its first birthday, I’ve realised that blogging isn’t just about buying your domain name and writing about whatever pops into your mind. No, blogging is so much more. Instagram is a must. Joining Twitter chats is another mandatory activity. Creating your blog’s Facebook page is somewhere on the list. Compeling content goes without saying. There is so much to being a blogger and I thought I had it all covered. Guess what? I was utterly and completely wrong.

It’s easy to get lost in the online world and forget about meeting people in person. After all, my blog lives online, so it makes sense it’s promoted online. Think again. There’s nothing more important than people knowing you. Not just the online you, but the real person behind the blog. That person that’s so clumsy she spills coffee down her silk blouse the minute she’s suppossed to walk out the front door. As bloggers we need to go out, mingle with our own kind and allow people to get to know us. Blogosphere magazine made it possible for me to come out of my shell at their Blogosphere Christmas event.

Christmas Give Away Coming Soon

This was my first ever bloggers’ event and I was VERY anxious before I made my way to the Strand Gallery, just around the corner from Charing Cross station. It was my first time going to an event where I didn’t know anybody and it worried me that I’ll end up being the lonely person, who leaves really early because she’s feeling too far out of her comfort zone. I couldn’t be more wrong.

The night before the Blogosphere Christmas I took to Twitter (as any self-respected blogger would) and asked the Twitter sphere if there’re any other lonely souls out there. The answers blew me away and my anxiety evaporated with every Retweet, Quote and Reply. Turns out there’s more of us, not-so-lonely-anymore bloggers out there.

On the day itself, I wandered down John Adam Street and found bloggers already waiting for the event to kick off. I met the lovely Lucy from Lucy S Brooke and we started chatting and were quickly joined by other like minded writers. Anxiety, loneliness, worries that I’ll leave early? Huh, silly me.

After Albertine, whose Christmas inspired earrings are permanently etched in my memory, opened the door and we got weighed down by numerous goody bags there was no stopping us from chatting to the brands and each other. There was delicious tea, bubbly, nibbles and so many beauty goodies that my head kept swivelling left and right and left again not really knowing where to start.

Blogosphere Christmas and Beauty

The London Tea Company warmed us with amazing flavours of their Christmas tea and the Winter Wondermint completely invigorated us. That tea does pack a punch! If you know any tea lovers, check out the website as their packaging is extremely pretty and the gift tin boxes can be used later on to store you make-up. Double win.

London Tea Company at Blogosphere Christmas.jpg

Beauty box subscriptions aren’t really my thing as I don’t spend a lot of money on various beauty products, but the variety of items that The Latest in Beauty have on offer has the potential to change my mind. What I love about their boxes is the ability to personalize them, so you’re more likely to get products you’ll actually end up using. And who doesn’t like a surprise treat every once in a while. Their rep was also extremely generous and handed out the amazing WOW masks, which turned me into a total fan.

Latest in Beauty at Blogosphere Christmas.jpg

Beauty Products Galore.jpg

Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up in the UK, but Blogosphere Christmas was the first time I’ve heard of So? It’s been quite a while since I was a teen, but the Floriental Body Mist has become my very good friend. I love the gentle scent and the colourful bottles and you’ll find me reaching for one when I want to add a bit of happiness to my day.

Beauty Christmas

Spending my life using as little beauty products as humanly possible, I’ve never really been into face masks. As far as I was concerned, making sure my face is clean and well moisturised was enough. But brands at Blogosphere Christmas have turned my attitude upside down. 7th Heaven were kind enough to hand over a whole Christmas stocking full of their products for us to try. So far I’ve used Dead Sea Sheet Mask and while I’m not a big fan of the very fresh scent, the mask itself left my face feeling invigorated and extremelly soft. I’m sure I’ll use it again.

Blogosphere Christmas So.jpg

Blogosphere Christmas event also introduced me to Social Superstore and it’s a fab platform where I can share my style and shop the looks of other influencers. Check it out!

And the most valuable takeaway was meeting other bloggers. There were too many to talk to, but I’m so grateful that I met Natoya from Juanita Likes and Joanne from Tea Cake and Rock’n’Roll. They are two bloggers I really hope to stay in touch with!

WOW Mask my favourite from Blogosphere Christmas

Watch this space as I am thinking of sharing some of the love and happiness my beauty swag from Blogosphere Christmas provided. If you don’t want to miss my pre-Christmas Give Away, sign up for this blog and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll share more information in a couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful start to the week! xxx









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