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Book you Should Read

No, not the magazine, even though the magazine is my obligatory reading every Tuesday on my way home from work. I’m talking about the book by Rosie Nixon that was a pleasant surprise, especially since I stopped reading chick-lit due to feeling let down by an ever growing number of flaky female characters. But Amber, the protagonist, has convinced me that this is a book you should read. It offers a great distraction on your morning commute and if that doesn’t work for you, immerse yourself in her adventures while having your coffee.

Amber Green is a Londoner, who works in a shop selling high fashion. Her boss seems nice enough, but her colleague Stick is driving her crazy at times. Luckily, her flatmate and BFF Vicky is always there to offer a decent piece of advice. Amber is swept up by the stylist to the stars, Mona Armstrong, and given a chance of a lifetime. Or so it seems.

Amber leaves wintery, grey London for the sun and heat of LA and the awards season. In LA she works with the fabulous and famous (and slightly less so) on a daily basis and she quickly discoveres that being an assistant to the unreliable Mona isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But our protagonist isn’t one of those characters who just whinges and whines and feels everything is out of her hands, no, she takes the bull by the horns and does whatever she can. Yes, there are a few (and I mean very few) moments when I thought “Oh, come on,” but all in all, she is normal. And I like that. We all make mistakes, we all have our ooops moments, but she’s not a silly, only dreaming of a knight in a shining armour type of a girl. Thumbs up for Amber Green.

This is what bank holiday mornings are all about. #fashion #fashionmagazine #coffee #lifestyle #holiday


The book is quite funny too. There were moments when I found myself chuckling a bit louder than is alright on the tube causing my fellow passengers to give me a bit more than just a sideway glance. Ah well.

There’s mystery that threatens to end all that Mona Armstrong represents, there’s a bit of a love triangle or maybe even a rectangle (although I wouldn’t say that one text from a man is enough to believe yourself to be in a relationship, but hey), there’s enough drama around the A to Z listers that Amber has to deal with. In one sentence, there’s no dull moments and the book’s fast pace helps you finish it in no time.

Grab a copy before the summer 🙂


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