Why Brunch Never Goes Out of Fashion

Brunch at B&H Buildings

There are quite a few things that I love in life. London and good food are probably somewhere near the very top of my list, so it isn’t surprising that when someone says “Brunch!”, I simply say “Where and when?”

London has so much to offer, there are so many restaurants that I don’t think we could try them all out. After all there are plenty of pop-ups too. Ever since I boldly marched into the world og blogosphere I keep hearing about Instagrammable brunches and Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings always seems to come out on top. What’s not to love about the pretty setting and bottomless brunches surrounded by others, who understand that eating cold food is alright. We all just want that perfect photo after all.

Welcome to B&H Buildings

What Is It About Brunches? What’s Wrong With Going Out For Dinner?

It’s a new and not so new thing. When you say dinner, I already feel more formal. It’s probably going to be more expensive too. And what on earth will I wear? On top of all these worries, there’s also the permanent photography problem since most restaurants aren’t equipped with the perfect lighting for our food photos.

All of these worries disappear when friends say Let’s do brunch. Brunches are less formal. We don’t have to get up incredibly early to meet people for breakfast, so that our all important lie-in on Saturday is still on the cards. Plus, after the meal, there’s still plenty of daylight left for us to wander around and help each other with a few photos for the upcoming blog posts. Yes, brunch ticks all the blogger boxes.

B&H Buildings

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

B&H Buildings has been on my list of places to go to for an eternity. However, working in central London often makes me a bit reluctant jumping on the tube at the weekend to head back there again. Weekends are my blogging, relaxing and laundry days (exciting, I know). But when Chloe from wanderwomanco suggested we go to a gin festival and do a brunch before tasting all the drinks, we quickly decided that B&H Buildings is the place to go.

So one typical December early afternoon, I met Chloe and Kayte for the very first time. The B&H Buildings are one of the more photogenic restaurants in London. The black building with striking letters tells you straight away that taking photos of absolutely everything (down to the pipe in the toilet, I kid you not) is about to happen and that’s OK.

Walking into the restaurant, you can’t but see the grand piano, the bar and so much daylight that you don’t know what to do with it. Out comes the camera. And nobody bats an eyelid. This place understands bloggers and our essential need to Tweet, Instagram, take photos from every single angle.

The Bar at B&H Buildings

We were lucky, our table (which you need to book or you may end up disappointed) was in the greenhouse bit. White marble tables, plenty of greenery and I was in heaven. It’s probably not a surprise that I was looking forward to taking the photos more than to the food itself. And that’s coming from me, the self-proclaimed foodie.

The Greenhouse for brunch

What About Food?

B&H offers a bottomless brunch, which sounds heavenly. Who doesn’t want a cocktail with their eggs Benedict? But as the three of us were heading to the gin festival later, we decided on a more sensible approach and opted for coffee and healthy juices. I’m not a big juice drinker, apart from coffee, you’ll most likely find me with a bottle of still water, but every once and again I’m quite partial to a green juice.

Brunch is Served

As brunches go, there were eggs. Lots of different types. Royale (smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce) and Benedict (ham hock, béarnaise sauce) for Chloe and Kayte and Huevos Benedictos (chorizo, avocado, béarnaise sauce, pico de gallo) for me because I can’t see avocado on the menu and ignore it. We all loved the food. My egg was perfectly runny and I could taste the spiciness of chorizo and freshness of pico de gallo.

Huevos Benedictos

Next time there may be some other items in front of me, but I can highly recommend the egg variations.

Are They All Stuck Up

Yes, it’s a popular place, yes, it feels posh and is filled with well and less well dressed people, but not at all and no, no, no. I was the first one to arrive at the B&H Buildings. The lovely staff member asked if I wished to order anything or wait and they were perfectly fine with me waiting. Thanks to the train strike the three of us were late ordering and not a single person made us feel rushed or uncomfortable. They inform you in plenty of time what their sitting policy is and even when it was time for us to leave (the place is popular!), the staff once again didn’t rush us one bit.

Photo Friendly Brunch Venue

I really appreciated their attitude and politeness and can recommend B&H Buildings to anyone asking. I know for sure that I’ll be back.

Oh, And The Loos

The toilets are in complete contrast with the sleek restaurant. It feels as if their daylight quota was used upstairs and the toilets are paying the price. But what a great price it is to pay.

How's That for a Sink

The shabby chich look, bathtub instead of a sink. It’s all really well thought out. This must have been the very first time I’ve happily snapped quite a few photos of the toilets. The designers at the B&H Buildings have done a tremendous job.

Do you think restaurants offering brunch have picked up on the importance of natural light? Is it a bloggers thing or do we all love to brunch? What are your favourite places? Let me know, I’d love to go and try them.

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Have a great rest of the week. xx

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