Christmas Party with Polish Bakery

Polish Bakery Christmas Party

Being invited to the Christmas Party thrown by the Polish Bakery was the one sign that showed me that my blog isn’t read only by my mum and occasionally my boyfriend.

We always worry that we’re too small and insignificant in the immense blogosphere. But one thing I’ve learnt is that no matter how small, if you’re true to yourself, the readers will come. And being true to themselves and the tradition is one of the characteristics of the Polish Bakery as well.

A must have cheese platter

The Polish Bakery

A family run business that has been around since 2003 and pays great attention to the quality of their bread. And my taste buds can attest to their success in creating delicious and healthy carb beauties. The spread they laid out for us, always hungry bloggers and celebrities, at their Christmas Party wasn’t only a feast for the eyes, every single bite was tantalizingly delicious.

Christmas Party by The Polish Bakery

Christmas Party and the Delicious Food

Being early to the Christmas Party also had its own benefits. All of us bloggers, equipped with phones and cameras spent the best part of the first half an hour taking photos of the beautifully laid out cakes, bread, doughnuts, cured meats, pates, you name it. And this is why I love the blogging community. None of us ate before we all had an abundance of photos to use in our posts. Finally! No weird looks passed my way when I was crouching in front of a particularly colourful and beautifully decorated sweet treats platter trying to keep my balance while attempting the perfect angle.

Cake Selection by The Polish Bakery

But the reason why we all decided to attend this Christmas Party wasn’t only gorgeous photos, it was to try the delicacies lovingly created by the master baker. And I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The owner suggested we try the Chia Seed bread as it’s loaded with antioxidants, rich in Omega-3 acids and has a high fibre and protein content. For me, being a lover of bread (just ask any of my colleagues what my final meal would be), it was love at first bite. I love the difference in texture, soft bread with crunchy seeds and that smooth texture of butter. I was in heaven. Honestly, I’d quite happily munch of the bread alone, especially knowing it doesn’t contain any preservatives and additives.

Superb Spread at the Christmas Party

One of my favourite baked goodies was a bun, a part of a beautiful Christmas tree display, as it was such a lovely surprise. It wasn’t just a bun, it was sweet and soft and it melted in your mouth. I could have been called a surprise bun cake.

Delicious Buns from the Polish Bakery

I have thoroughly enjoyed the evening and it struck me once again how multicultural London is. A Christmas Party thrown by a Polish Bakery attended by bloggers from different countries and continents, all coming together in the beautiful Ognisko Restaurant and The Polish Heart Club. This surely is the best of London.

Beautiful Ognisko Restaurant

Top -Lowrys Farm – Similar here
Skirt – Banana Republic – Similar here, here, here
Boots – Kurt Geiger
Bag – Coach

Delicious Treats at Christmas Party



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