Coffee and Cake Times at Timberyard Seven Dials

Coffee and Cake at Timberyard

It’s a truth universally acknowledged (as my favourite author would say) that all bloggers love coffee and cake. And instagrammable cafes.

Even those who don’t enjoy coffee order it, so they can snap that perfectly rounded latte art. I am one of these stereotypical bloggers. But it’s not something new for me. I’ve been a lover, a drinker, a snapper of coffee since high school.

The history of my coffee drinking

I grew up in Slovenia. A country where coffee culture is a part of everyone’s life. You won’t find chains such as Starbucks, Nero or Costa in this small country. No, Slovenia is full of small cafes, each one unique and each one trying to entice us with coffee and cake. Coffee drinking is also a social event and you won’t usually see a person tapping away on their laptop with earphones drowning out the outside noise.

Delicious Cake

Coffee and Cake in London

But London’s different. As am I, after years of living in this great city. Sitting down in a charming cafe with a good book and sometimes with a laptop is pretty relaxing. If your job doesn’t involve being surrounded by other people, it can get quite lonely. That’s why cafes and workspaces such as Timberyard are a perfect solution. You get your work done, you’re avoiding loneliness and you get an endless supply of coffee and cake. What’s not to like about that? Apart from maybe having to up your exercise regime to work off those delicious cake slices.

I love discovering new cafes, new places where I can spend an hour or so catching up with friends, writing the next blog post or doing what I do best – reading. When the great people at Shatfesbury asked me if I want to try Timberyard in Covent Garden, they didn’t have to wait too long for the answer. I jumped at the opportunity.

A Pleasant Evening at Timberyard Seven Dials

Welcome to Timberyard Seven Dials

Covent Garden has always been one of my favourite places in London. When I used to come to London before I finally moved here, it was the place that help me beat loneliness. Nowadays it’s a place where I smile knowingly at the throngs of visitors posing for photos and trying to find one sight or the other. Cafes that aren’t a part of huge chains have become my favourite refuge.

Stepping into Timberyard, you instantly notice the pleasant buzz, people are immersed into conversations with their friends or quietly tapping away at their laptops. Everyone seems content lounging in the comfortable sofas and armchairs or perched on stools or sat at the more traditional tables. Unlike many other cafes, this one is filled with daylight. And that’s a great perk in the city that’s so wrongly and stereotypically described as dark and rainy. Daylight is of extreme importance for us, bloggers. How else am I going to be able to take that perfect photo of my coffee…

Perfect Coffee at Timberyard

A Perfect Cup of Coffee Awaits

I’ve been drinking coffee since high school, so I like to think I know what I’m talking about. Baristas at Timberyard have whipped up the perfect latte. Smooth with not too much milk foam and just the right strength, it’s almost as they knew how I like my coffee.

Ben and I decided that a visit to Timberyard is a good excuse to have dessert before dinner. We ordered a white chocolate matcha cookie, berry loaf, a slice of cake and I went for the healthier coconut and chia seeds pot. The cakes, which weren’t too sweet, were right up my street as I don’t really have a sweet tooth and the chia seed pot was really refreshing. If you like coconut, like I do, then you’re missing out if you haven’t had it yet.

Chia Seeds Pot

No Regrets

As Robbie Williams likes to sing, I have no regrets spending my after work hour at Timberyard. No, wait. I actually do have one. My only regret is that I couldn’t eat and drink more. But with Timberyard in three London locations, Seven Dials, Shoreditch and Soho, I know I’ll soon be back to try the matcha latte and their breakfast and brunch delicacies. Have I mentioned they do loads of avocado on sourdough? Who’s up for brunch?

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