Diamond Cut Diamond – No, We’re Not Engaged

Book Review of Diamond Cut Diamond

Another Book Review or Am I Not Telling You Something

It just so happens that I’m writing a post away from home. I thought that’s going to be perfectly OK until I realised that not only do I not have my usual props, the camera is also back home. So, let’s just say that photos were a bit of a challenge. And as soon as I started writing about diamonds, the inevitable engagement ads popped up on my screen. Argh! Not every girl Googling diamonds is looking for that perfect ring.

No, This Is All About Jane Jakeman’s Book

About a month ago I started being active on NetGalley and I love it. The books I request expand my horizons and I can’t wait to read and review even more. The last one I read was Diamond Cut Diamond, a novel set in the first half of the 19th century. It’s the fourth one in the Lord Ambrose Mystery series.

Reading Diamond Cut Diamond

Jumper -HM (similar)
Tights – Wolford
The main character is, as you may have guessed, Lord Ambrose Malfine, who by all accounts used to be quite a ladies’ man, but is now quite happy with one of his mistresses. During a dinner with friends they all admire a lovely necklace, but Elizabeth, the mistress, later tells Ambrose that the necklace looks fake. Trying to prevent his friend ending in debtors prison, Lord Ambrose heads to London and confronts the jeweller who sold this beautiful necklace. Being a clever man, he not only gets his friend’s debt written off, he also gets a £1,000 for his friend and for the lady who sold the neckalce in the first place.

This lady is actually a countess who gives Lord Ambrose a little key as a thank you. And here his adventure begins. He can’t get the Countess Lischak out of his head, so he follows her and soon realizes there’s something not quite right about the whole situation.

He travels to Czech Republic, all the way to a remote area where the Lischak family have a castle. And this is where the story gets even more interesting, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Diamond Cut Diamond

My Thoughts on Diamond Cut Diamond

This is the type of a book that I enjoy. A mystery in a historical setting, with a bit of history running through. I’m usually quite partial to books about English and American history, so it was really nice to venture onto the continental Europe and learn about general Jan Žižka, a man I don’t remember learing about before.

The setting contributed to the dark feeling running through the book, from dark London alleyways to a Czech castle with its tyrannical ruler. The story moves quite quickly and you end up finishing the book in no time.

I was expecting a bit more from the mystery and once I realised what the secret was I felt a bit let down. However, looking back it was quite appropriate.

Book Review of Diamond Cut Diamond

Should You Read This Book

If you enjoy mysteries and a touch of history, then this is the book that will be right up your street. I’m also quite happy to say that if you’re looking for a new genre, this one may convince you that historical fiction isn’t a waste of time.

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