Eating the French Way – Welcome to Le Garrick

Eating The French Way at Le Garrick

I love to cook. But whenever Ben says “Let’s go and have dinner” I feel like doing a little victory dance. It’s a nice change not having to think about what to cook. Our latest outing took us to the refurbished Le Garrick in Covent Garden. Eating the French way was on the menu.

French Know Their Food….. And Wine

When we walked into the restaurant, I was slightly upset that they sent us down the stairs. Little did I know that the basement part of the restaurant will make me feel so comfortable. Almost as if I was in a tiny, authentic restaurant in a little French village, sipping wine and passing knowing glances to the other patrons.

I loved the low light (not optimal for photos, but then again I was there for the atmosphere and food), the stripped brick walls and mismatched chairs. It was brilliant. As was my glass of red wine, which I thought would go nicely with my chosen courses.

Le Garrick - French Restaurant in Covent Garden

We’re Here For The Long Haul

There’s a thing on the menu at Le Garrick that immediately caught my eye. It’s something I used to eat at home as a child and it always brings amazing memories floating back. Bone marrow may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s such a flavourful dish that you just have to try. It tasted superb and I couldn’t get enough of it on the bread. As it’s such a rich dish, you can’t have too much of it, but the portion at Le Garrick was spot on.

Bone Marrow Starter

Ben had his usual foie gras, which was lovely and creamy.

The starters set the bar really high, so we were keen to dig into our mains. Authentique cassoulet de Toulouse for Ben and Confit de Canard et ses haricots verts for me.

Foie Gras Starter

Ben’s Traditional dish from Toulouse (as the name suggests) was comfort eating dream. Lingot beans with duck confit, pork belly and Toulouse sausage packed so much flavour, you almost wish you could lick the plate clean. It’s the type of a dish that hugs you when you really need it and makes you feel all’s well with the world.

Authentique cassoulet de Toulouse

My, more sophisticated classic honey glazed duck “confit” served with minted French green beans was cooked perfectly. I like my meat pink and juicy and the duck was exactly that. The portion was also quite big, especially served with creamy and silky mash and moreish sauce.

Confit de Canard et ses haricots verts

And you cannot eat the French way without having a dessert. Whenever on the menu, Ben will always order Crème brulée. And I don’t. And always regret it and try to steal as much of his as I possibly can. This time, Ben was too full, so I convinced him to share a Crème brulée. It was fantastic. The sugary top was just thick enough to break through with a bit of force, which makes me feel pretty giddy and I love smashing it. To be honest, I’m glad the Mr was too full, so I could claim more of the delicious dessert.

Crème brulée

The meal at Le Garrick was so delicious that it convinced me that we should eat the French way more often. And with it’s central location, just minutes away from Leicester Square tube station, I’m sure we’ll be regular guests.

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