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Tredwell's Restaurant Review

Life’s been busy these last few months. Summer always is. Our flat sees more faces in the two months than it does in the entire year as we permanently feel like running a guest house. But it’s all good, I love spending time with my brother and parents and other visitors, plus we end up going out and having fun almost on a daily basis. Visitors aside, work’s been busy as well, so I was more than thrilled when Ben suggested going to Marcus Wareing’s restaurant for dinner. Marcus Wareing is my favourite celebrity chef, my celebrity crush if you want it, so we’ve had a trip to Tredwell’s noted down for ages. And this Wednesday we finally went.

Tredwell’s location is perfect for our date night as it’s close to both our offices and it’s smack bang in one of my favourite London areas, Covent Garden. I was surprised by the sheer size of the place, it looks small and cozy on the outside, but once in, it spans over three floors. It’s beautifully decorated, the black and white combination is completely up my street as I’m obsessed with clean lines and what better way to achieve that than using the most classic of classic colours.

Tredwell's Interior

Staff in good restaurants sometimes seems overly keen to please you, but at Tredwell’s they know exactly when you need attention and when you want to be left alone. They also have a good sense of humour and so they brought a smile on my face on more than one occasion. We started the evening with a drink, I can’t but not have a cocktail if they are on the menu, so I ordered a Rose & Almond Clover Club, a deliciously delicate cocktail, with a tiny rose sitting on top. It was yummy, smooth and tasting of raspberries and smelling of roses. I can highly recommend it.

Sometimes all a girl needs is a bit of spoiling and a delicious cocktail 🍸❤ #london #londonlife #londonblogger #londoner #londonblog

The evening that started so pleasantly continued in the same way. Our starters, Foie Gras for Ben and Pulled pork and chorizo raviolo, pickled cucumber, peanut, chilli & sesame for me were fingerlickingly delicious. The Foie Gras was extremely smooth and the toasted bread provided the perfect texture contrast. And for my raviollo, the meat inside may have felt a bit dry if you tried it on its own, but accompanied with the thin pasta, peanut sauce and refreshing cucumber, it provided my taste buds with a perfect adventure.

Foie Gras

Foie Gras above and Raviolo below

Pulled pork and chorizo raviolo, pickled cucumber, peanut, chilli & sesame

It’s no surprise that the mains didn’t disappoint either. Quite the opposite. My Field mushroom ‘ravioli’, summer mushrooms, spring onions, shallot sauce were exquisite, the pasta was extremely thin and the taste of mushrooms really came through. The chanterelles and ceps on the plate provided that bit of texture needed and it was all enhanced with some crunchy spring onion. Delicate and delicious.

Field mushroom ‘ravioli’, summer mushrooms, spring onions, shallot sauce

Ben’s Herdwick lamb rump, braised lamb belly, piquillo & sumac crème fraîche, smoked aubergine was amazing as well. The little surprise square of what looked like pulled lamb, which I believe was the braised lamb belly, melted in your mouth providing you with an explosion of taste.

Herdwick lamb rump, braised lamb belly, piquillo & sumac crème fraîche, smoked aubergine

At Tredwell’s they put the same amount of effort into the sides as they do into everything else. We ordered Truffled macaroni cheese (have you guessed which one of us suffers from a slight pasta obsession?) and the Grilled broccoli, almond butter and capers. I am not a fan of capers, but I was trying to get them on my fork with the broccoli and almond butter, the combination was just too mouthwateringly tasty to miss out on.

Truffled macaroni cheese

Truffled Mac and Cheese above and Grilled Broccoli with Almond Butter below.

Grilled broccoli, almond butter and capers

What else is there left to say? Only that I was too full for a dessert, which means we’ll have to come back soon. And at under £100 for a meal for two in the centre of London, Tredwell’s is definitely a restaurant you need to visit whether you want to impress that special someone or just because.

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