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Stop Slaving Away in The Kitchen & Have a Ready Meal

Having a ready meal isn’t really something that Ben and I do. The last time I checked, the frozen pizza that we bought a year ago is still in the freezer. It’s not that we…

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London’s Best Brunches or I Love Food

Why Are Brunches the Best Meal Ever Bloggers love brunches. It’s a given. How could we not? Going for a brunch doesn’t require early rising and it provides us with plenty of daylight for photos.…

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Why Brunch Never Goes Out of Fashion

There are quite a few things that I love in life. London and good food are probably somewhere near the very top of my list, so it isn’t surprising that when someone says “Brunch!”, I…

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Birthday Dinner at ROKA Charlotte Street

If you read my blog, you know that Ben and myself like to think of ourselves as foodies. And it’s not difficult. How many people say no to birthday and anniversary presents in exchange for…

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Christmas Party with Polish Bakery

Being invited to the Christmas Party thrown by the Polish Bakery was the one sign that showed me that my blog isn’t read only by my mum and occasionally my boyfriend. We always worry that…

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