Ideal Brunch in London – Bao Soho

Ideal Brunch in London at Bao

You know what, I miss going out with girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with Ben and I’m usually happiest when we’re both at home enjoying our lovely flat and just relaxing doing what we love. But I do miss dressing up for a girly brunch and just chatting about life and the world while munching on something delicious. And Bao in London’s Soho has provided me with exactly that, well, not the girly company, my friend and I took care of that.

There’s many places where I’d go for an ideal brunch in London and this weekend I added Bao Soho to that list. Don’t let the queue outside detter you, because it usually moves pretty quickly and you won’t waste away waiting outside. The decor, which is very Japanese and almost resembles a Muji store, and the backless chairs somehow don’t encourage lingering. If you get a seat close to the door, you’re lucky as they are the brightest and you can observe the world go by (which is one of my favourite activities).

Don’t expect a huge menu. The star are definitely the steamed buns, so delicious I ended up eating two of them. You’re also encouraged to order small plates of food, which you can share (unless you order a soup or scallops I guess). All the dishes come at different times, so don’t be polite and wait, just dig in.

We spoiled our taste buds with Aubergine and Wonton Crisps, but used chopsticks to eat the aubergine rather than the crisps and it was absolutely delicious. Smoky and slightly spicy, we couldn’t get enough of it.

The steamed bun with lamb was spot on too, soft and tasty with the sauce that added just enough of a kick to it, but my favourite one was Confit Pork. Meat that just melts in your mouth with shallots that add that necessary sweetness inside the most amazing bun I’ve ever tasted.

Pork confit bao, fried chicken bao and other BAO deliciousness

Photo by Bex Walton | Creative Commons

The Sweet Potato Chips with Plum Pickle Ketchup is also delicious. It’s fried in a batter that adds to the taste and crunch and elevates it onto another level, away from your usual sweet potato chips.

Guinea Fowl Chi Shiang Rice was great too. You should mix it all together with the runny egg yolk for the proper experience. The meat was tender and tasty, which is what I want from my meat.

With our drink of the day aka sparkling water the bill came to £20.11 per person and we were nicely full.

My only regret is that I didn’t take more photos, but I felt like being a blogger and continuously stopping people from eating their food until I get the perfect shot should sometimes be put aside and just enjoy a day out.



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