Let’s Read – While My Eyes Were Closed

Let's Read While My Eyes Were Closed

2017 has been tough

I don’t mean tough as in something dreadful happened in my life. No, life’s good. But 2017, despite being in its infancy, drained my energy like a Dementor sucking the happiness out of Harry Potter. The goal of this year was to publish minimum 104 blog posts. That’s two posts per week. At the moment it looks like I’ve got some catching up to do.

You all know I enjoy writing this blog. It’s one of the things in my life I’m most proud of. But, especially in the last month, I’ve been battling illness and such extreme exhaustion that I was completely knocked out as soon as my body wasn’t vertical anymore.

Today was no different. Except that I finally made it back to the gym. Which inspires me with a lot of confidence and feeling that tables are about to turn.

The Impact of Exhaustion on My Reading Challenge

Even my die-hard attitude of Keep Calm and Read On has suffered in the recent months. But luckily not enough to dry up the book review material for this blog. Yes, I’m about 5 books behind the reading challenge for this year. Let’s read 80 books doesn’t seem such a good idea anymore. However, anything less wouldn’t really be a challenge.

Book Review of Linda Green's While My Eyes Were Closed

Another One Ticked of the To Read List

I finished Linda Green’s While My Eyes Were Closed a while ago now. It’s a thriller about any parent’s worst nightmare, the disappearance of their child.

The gist of the story is Ella’s mum Lisa takes her eyes of her daughter to take a phone call. In the short time frame she’s not paying attention, the 4 year old Ella disappears without a trace.

This isn’t a whodunit kind of a book. We soon discover who took Ella. And why.

My Thoughts On While My Eyes Were Closed

This book explores the bond between a mother and a child, between a parent and their offspring. It made me think about how damaging a too controlling relationship can be for children. Especially the ones not strong enough to break the bond. Or the ones who think about others before they consider their own happiness.

Linda Green uses more than one narrator. We follow the story from Lisa’s perspective, but this is very nicely complimented by other narrators. As with any good thriller, a good twist at the end isn’t missing either.

Despite not having children of my own, I could feel Lisa’s pain and couldn’t stop the building frustration when I read the kidnapper’s point of view. Even when the events start making more sense and the reader starts to understand what drove the kidnapper, I couldn’t shake the annoyance and anger I felt towards the person keeping Ella.

The involvement of the press and the public opinion are also two very important part of this novel. I’m not a cryer, so I could understand only too well why Lisa doesn’t want to be reduced to a blubbering mess. However, the public preconception of a grieveing mother isn’t what Lisa looks like.

Lisa’s family, her parents and brother are also scrutinised, which makes us think about our preconceptions surrounding people of different social background. The novel makes us think about how easy it is to jump to wrong conclusions and how harmful they can be.

Let's Read - Reading Prolongs Life

Is This A Book Worth Reading?

Yes. It’s not a bloody thriller, we find out pretty soon what happened. But for me, the exploration of the characters, their feelings and motivation behind their actions is what makes this book a worthwile read.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Are there any books you’d recommend? Let me know.

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