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London's Best Brunches

Why Are Brunches the Best Meal Ever

Bloggers love brunches. It’s a given. How could we not? Going for a brunch doesn’t require early rising and it provides us with plenty of daylight for photos. Brunch is the most perfect meal of the day.

Melange's Brunch is a must try

That’s why I was incredibly excited when The Bloggers Hub decided to host one at Salut! this weekend. Woohoo. Meeting old and new blogger friends while enjoying prosecco, what could be better? And no one minds when you’re taking the tenth photo of your eggs.

Saturday morning saw me up quite early. My nails needed a bit of TLC and the wardrobe had to be ransacked for the perfect outfit. And then disaster struck. Around 9am, I got an email saying the best brunch this year has been cancelled. Meh.

But, I’m not one to mop around (well, I did, but only while I was waiting for Ben to get up). Once he was awake, I declared I’m taking him for a brunch at Melange (who doesn’t try and avoid central London at the weekend).

Delicious Mimosa for brunch

Undiscovered non-central Best Brunch Locations

London is full of stunning restaurants serving fabulous food. But I sometimes feel that restaurants that find themselves out of zone 1 (possibly out of zone 2) remain unknown to most of us. Maybe that’s good. Maybe we don’t want people from other zones descending upon our restaurants preventing us from sitting down for a spontaneous brunch.

Melange is a Great Place For a Brunch

Well. Despite being as far removed from zone 1 as it’s possible if travelling by tube, Melange can easily compete with restaurants in central London. The decor is quite simple, but very contemporary. If it was a bit darker, you could probably imagine being in a wine cellar. There are wine bottles and crates everywhere. The lighting is very modern too and there’s huge windows. As a blogger you may want to sit close to those windows for the sake of daylight enabling you to take great food pics.

Coffee Made Just the Way I Like It

What About The Food

The food doesn’t disappoint. And neither do the drinks. There’s breakfast cocktails, fresh juices, milkshakes and of course tea and coffee. If you’re not too hungry you can opt for one of the helthier options or just grab a croissant. But I suggest you try either one of the many varieties of eggs or the pancakes.

Delicious Brunch Pancakes

The pancakes are amazing. Light and fluffy and covered with fruit (well, my chosen version is). But what they did to their hollandaise sauce will bring a smile on any blogger’s face. They took our alltime favourite ingredient, avocado, and put it in their homemade hollandaise sauce. Success!

Brunching on perfect Eggs Benedict

This weekend I was being a bit of a rebell. Well, sort of. Rather than ordering my favourite plate of breakfast pancakes I opted for eggs benedict. What can I say, once in a while a girl needs some bacon. And avocado hollandaise sauce.

Perfect Runny Egg Yolk and Avocado Hollandaise

Ben stuck to our usual weekend breakfast of eggs royale with smoked salmon and they looked and tasted incredible.

Tasty Eggs Royale

But Why Is This One of the Best Brunches

There's nothing like a brunch

Simply put, because it ticks all the boxes.

Instagrammable venue? Tick.
Daylight? Tick (if you sit by the windows).
Delicious food? Tick.
Food that looks good in photos? Tick.
Cocktails? Tick.
Friendly staff? Tick.

It also doesn’t break the bank. Coffee and tea are standard London prices, up to £2.55, breakfast cocktails are a bargain at £4.50 and food is between £5.95 and £8.75. But if you want the whole lot (as I did, you know, being a blogger, you must), you can go for the Brunch Special at £13.75. It includes a cocktail of your choice, any coffee and breakfast of your choice. What’s not to like about that.

A Brunch Feast for Two

One thing I know for sure is that Melange will keep seeing me and my camera for quite some time.

What are your favourite brunch places? Leave me a comment, because I’d love to go and try them out.

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Have a great start to your week! xx

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