Making a house a home

Making a house a home

It’s been a few weeks since we moved and we’re still surrounded by boxes, there’s schedule deliveres, DIY, work that needs to be done on the house and everything else that comes with a house move. The list looks and feels endless at the moment.

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It’s a funny feeling, living in a house that is yours, but that was somebody else’s home before. I keep saying it’s almost like being in an Airbnb, it doesn’t feel like your home because it’s decorated in somebody else’s taste.

Not quite to our taste

And it’ll be a while before it looks “us”. There’s lead times on the windows, the furniture, the flooring and painting, but there is one thing that we can do to make this house feel more like home in the meantime.

Making a house a home

Prints. Posters, canvases, a clock, a vase with flowers. Small things that we can move around when we have to. The first room we wanted to make cozier was Lizzie’s nursery. Fortunately, the colours and even the wallpaper, which we’re not fans of, somewhat matched her furniture and Photowall stepped in and gifted us a lovely canvas print that now hangs above Lizzie’s chest of drawers.

A map for my little explorer

I hope for her to become an explorer, a girl who loves to travel and thrives on experiences. And this canvas is perfect for my little curious adventurer. A map of the world that shows us where some animals live and where we can find a few wonders of the world. Lizzie can’t get enough of looking at it. She loves pointing out different images and I’m glad that the canvas is sturdy and can survive her constant proding and poking.

She can never leave this canvas alone

Photowall impressed me with their packaging as well. The canvas didn’t arrive assembled, which scared me because I didn’t think we can put it together properly. But luckily for us, Photowall thought about the ease of putting the frame together and stretching the canvas across, it was simple. And I can now really appreciate how thoughtful that was, they removed unessential packaging, everything you need to wrap an assembled item in, a large box to post it, all providing a strain on the environment, but this way, there was only very little cardboard for us to recycle.

Nursery just needs some new paint now

Any other tips about making a home feel more like a home?

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