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Night Out in London

This week I’ve pretty much published a post per day.

And pretty much on time too. One thing I’ve realised is doing this is incredibly difficult to keep up with. I now admire bloggers who post on a daily basis even more.

London Night Out - House Rules

A full time job and blogging on the side is essentially like having two jobs. It’s no surprise that we sometimes need a bit of a break. A night out in London is the perfect cure for the drained out blogger. And if you can then write about the said night out, it’s a double win.

A Night Out In London – What About a Pop-Up?

Being a self-proclaimed foodie, it’s no surprise that my preferred events include eating. We’re spoiled for choice in London and it’s sometimes difficult to chose the one event. I like using Design My Night and filtering till I find food or at least some cocktails.

Hunting Lodge

End of 2016 I stumbled upon Dram & Smoke. It took me about a minute before we had the tickets to the pop-up event at the Black Swan Studios. The decision wasn’t difficult. I love food and Ben enjoys whisky. It was a done deal.

Dram & Smoke – A Scottish Night Out In London

As the name of the event suggests, this was an event that took us from London to Scotland. Well, if not physically, it made us feel like we’re in a hunting lodge in Scotland.

After getting to London Bridge on the trusty Northern Line, winding our way through cobbled streets and what felt like deserted industrial yards, we were the first to arrive at the Black Swan Studios. This was a former tannery and a perfect location for a pop-up event.

Pop Up Kitchen

We walked through the massive wooden door and were handed a Hot Toddy to warm us up. The room was filled with long tables and benches with a bar tucked in one corner. There was an open kitchen right by the entrance and the lovely smell of our dinner being prepared wafted through the room.

Photos came first and I told myself off for not bringing the DSLR as I had to make do with my phone in a dark room. After finding our table, we sat down in the makeshift hunting lodge and enjoyed our welcome drink.

Dram and Smoke Venue

A Social Eating Experience

Dram And Smoke is all about social eating. Unless you’re with a huge party and have booked one of the round tables, you’ll be sat down with perfect strangers. But we all have one thing in common. We love food.

Sloe Gin Cured Salmon - delicious food

Whisky based cocktails, beer and delicious starter helped with the conversations and after a few minutes we all felt like we’ve known one another for quite some time. It’s amazing how quickly any awkwardness disappears and this social eating experiment encouraged me to try even more events like this one.

What About The Food

The menu was an indulgent five-course feast that lasted for four hours. Partridge and pear with game chips and clementine; beetroot and sloe gin cured smoked salmon served with pickled cucumber and buttermilk; battered brussels and haggis crumb with spiced pumpkin soup; wild venison and bone marrow pie served with seasonal sides and cranberry sauce; and the finale of chocolate chestnut brownie with scoop-at-the-table whisky ice cream, pickled cherries and toasted marshmallow.

A delicious food combination

I loved every single morsel of it. Having to decide which one of us will cut the pie in equal portions was great. It definitely encourages the social part of the event. Passing plates, filling them up made us all feel like a part of a big, happy family.

By the time the dessert was served I was so full that I struggled trying to finish off the incredibly rich brownie.

Choc Chestnut Brownie - A Foodie's Dream

Party On

Dram And Smoke took care of live music as well. We could have stayed and enjoyed a few more drinks after the meal, but we were ready to lie down.

Those with more stamina (or maybe just those who didn’t stuff themselves silly) continued to party late into the night, while Ben and me rolled back home.

Getting Comfortable for a night out

One thing I know for sure is that next December, when Dram And Smoke is (hopefully) back in town, we’ll be back to enjoy another great night out.

What’s your favourite night out? Have you ever been to a pop-up restaurant or event? How was it like? I’d love to hear from you.

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Delicious Menu
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