No New Year’s Resolutions

no new year resolutions is ok

You didn’t set any goals at the end of 2017? And you’re now reading all these posts about how everyone will smash 2018? Are you worried you’ll be totally left behind? Well, don’t.

While new year resolutions work for some, 80% of resolutions allegedly fail by the second week of February according to U.S. News. According to Statistic Brain 42.2% of people fail on all their resolutions each year. But people who explicitly make resolutions are also 10 times more likely to achieve their goals. Hmmmm… Where does this leave us?

Basically where we were, living our own lives the way it works for us.

Create achievable goals (Large)

While new year’s resolutions are a great way of turning over a new leaf, you’ll never stick to them if they don’t have a meaning.

You ate too much over Christmas, so you signed up for the gym? I give you a month. But, you signed up for the gym, because you know you want to be healthier and it’s not a very short-term goal, well, you might just be among the 9.2% who believe they successfully keep their resolutions.

Be the one who decides (Large)

See where I’m going?

Setting new year’s resolutions that are a spur of the moment (aka. one too many mince pies), will only leave you deflated in a couple of months. Possibly adding to the feeling of failing at life. And who wants that?

If you’re desperate to set some goals for the year ahead, make sure they fit your lifestyle.

While I’d love to publish a new post 4 to 5 times a week, that’s just not achievable with my current schedule. Publishing one might work. So, my new year’s resolution could be publish one blog post a week. When I achieve this goal and if time permits, I can raise the bar.

Life is what you make it (Large)

Setting achievable goals and resolutions will create an environment in which you don’t feel unnecessarilly pressured. And by being in a good place, this will give you more drive to complete the goals. Even more, ticking things off your list, fills you with the sense of accomplishment and success and gives you drive for other tasks.

How many of us have set unachievable goals and ended up feeling stressed?

I definitely have. And it resulted in me taking a break from writing, literally stopping doing what I’m passionate about. This only caused me to feel even more annoyed with everything in my life, claiming I had no time for things I love while simultaneously lounging on the sofa watching brain-rot TV. And it’s a habit that’s hard to break.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew (love cliches… Can I use #clicheblogger now?)

So, what I want in 2018 is making time for my passion. I actually sat down and thought about what I want from writing, how realistic it is and does it fit in with my busy schedule. The answer? Yes, I actually think it does. But will I tick it off my list this year? Most likely not, but I’ll be on a good way there.

Go ahead and think about what you’d really like to achieve. Make it a resolution, but don’t focus too much on craming it in into a month or a year. Make it realistic and achievable. As the saying goes even Rome wasn’t bult in a day. Give yourself time and be kind to your body and mental health. We all achieve our dreams at our own pace.

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