Happy Mother’s Day

If I’m perfectly honest I’ve never been one to celebrate specific occassions apart from birthdays and Christmas. Even growing up my mum always used to say “You can get me flowers on any other day you want.” So, mother’s day was never a big deal. Since Ben and I got together, we’ve pretty much continued down the same path. We’re not one of those couples who treat each other on Valentine’s Day, we try and show each other we care all year round. Mother’s (and father’s) day currently fall into a slightly unexplored teritorry.

It was my first mother’s day in 2019 and Ben and Lizzie got me a spa voucher as I’d been feeling tired and had a fair amount of back pain. I only got round to using it 6 months later, just before it expired. Saying that, experiences are still some of my favourite gifts. Being a mum I tend to spend my money on the little one and talking to other mums, it’s what a lot of us do. We would give the world to our little munchkins and more often than not we forget that our cup also needs to be filled.

That’s why it was such a lovely surprise when Moonpig sent me a bunch of flowers and a card this year as a part of their mother’s day campaign. As a mum, it’s nice to be acknowledged as it’s one of the most difficult jobs out there. It’s the job without any annual leave, the one we weren’t trained to do and for some even the path to motherhood was an extreme and very emotional journey. All of these and more are the reasons why I feel it’s right to have a day to remember what mums do for their children and to maybe spoil them a bit on the day. Saying that I wouldn’t mind a breakfast in bed on a completely random day either.

What mother’s day and motherhood mean to me is a question I’m still learing to answer. It means that I have someone who loves me just as I am and doesn’t care about my messy hair or the hole in my jumper. It means that there are days when I wish I had some me time and longingly stare at a steaming cup of coffee while I have a toddler wrapped around my legs. It means I constantly worry about everything I do and it’s the feeling of pride when my little one puts a bowl on her head and proudly says “HAT”. Motherhood is one and it’s many things and they are different for all of us depending on where we are on this crazy journey.

But regardless of where and who we are as mothers, it’s nice to be acknowledged. So, treat the mums in your life this mother’s day. Be it with a lie in or time to take a bath or some gorgeous flowers from Moonpig’s great selection.

This post was written in collaboration with Moonpig who have kindly sent me a bouquet of flowers and a card in return for a blog post.

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