Stop Slaving Away in The Kitchen & Have a Ready Meal

Ready Meal Stuffed Pancakes

Having a ready meal isn’t really something that Ben and I do.

The last time I checked, the frozen pizza that we bought a year ago is still in the freezer. It’s not that we don’t like it, but we both believe that we can create healthy and nutritious meals that don’t take too much time from scratch. We have a good thing going on. I love to create a mess in the kitchen and I’m lucky enough to have Ben to tidy up. Working as a team, we both get some time to relax after work.

But as we’re always trying to make our lives easier and increase the amount of spare time, we were happy to try some Polish delicacies.

Polish Village Meals sent us some products to try and I was keen to see if we’ll jump on the ready meal bandwagon.

The Ease of Having a Ready Meal

I don’t have a sweet tooth, so cakes aren’t usually on the menu. Saying that, if I do have a dessert, it (more often than not) turns out to be a pre-dinner dessert (yes, I’m a terrible role model). The fluffy fruit cake (not the English type of a fruit cake) was moreish. I loved the sponge and the fresh fruit topping. Give me a scoop of ice-cream or just some whipped cream with it and I’ll be happy.

All of the items we were sent, from sauerkraut to dumplings and pancakes and even the breaded chicken breast could be cooked in the microwave. If you’re a busy person, this saves so much time (and washing up!). So, the dishes are what they promise to be, ready.

Ready Meals Spread

Why Microwaving Isn’t The Thing

Breaded food just doesn’t belong in a microwave. Well, at least I think so. The reason is that when having any breaded dish, it needs that crunch on the outside. Unfortunately, when you warm it up in the microwave, you end up with a soggy and not crusty layer. Food is all about different textures, which is why I decided to fry the breaded chicken breast. And it was really nice. Thin as it should be, reminiscent of a Milanesa steaks I ate in my childhood (well, with chicken instead of veal), it was a good dish.

I enjoyed the little twist as the steak was topped with cheese and mushroom, which was nice. But rather than not having any washing up to do, we now had a pan full of oil. To be fair, however, we didn’t have a plate full of egg, flour and breadcrumbs as this was taken care of by the kind people at Polish Village Meals. So the breaded items are semi-ready if you want that crunch.

Polish Village Meals Fruit Cake

Discovering Polish Food

I’ve been to Poland only once and to be fair, it was such a long time ago that I don’t remember any food at all. The only knowledge of Polish food I have comes from a Polish acquaintance who always said that it’s basically cabbage that’s been cooked to death. His words just didn’t sound very promising.

Ben and I happily shared the food provided with some friends and a lot of them enjoyed the breaded pancakes stuffed with pork, onion and carrots and such. They enjoyed the variety of dumplings too.

I tried the dumplings with the potato and soft cheese filling and if you’re not a fan of spicy food or herbs, you’ll enjoy these. I’d probably serve them with a sauce to add a bit more flavour to the dish.

Sauerkraut and the sauerkraut stew went down really well with our friends. It was slightly different from the sauerkraut I remember from my childhood, but I believe different countries have their own signature style.

Mushroom Stuffed Pancakes

Are We Changing Our Meals to Include the Ready Made Ones Now?

If I’m honest, no, we’re not. Despite the time or effort we could potentially save, I still prefer buying our ingredients at the market and being creative in the kitchen. It would be incredibly difficult for any ready meal to sway me. I’m a person who relaxes in the kitchen and I love the sense of pride that arises when I place a beautiful dish on our table.

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