Surviving Valentine’s Day

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We survived Galentines and now we’re bracing ourselves for the day that’s possibly equivalent to Christmas in the eternal struggle of not breaking the bank. That and not upsetting the one we love. Or not feeling like the biggest loner because we’re enjoying singledom and everything today tells us we’re wrong. How do we go about surviving Valentine’s day?

Surviving Valentine's Day

Remember Valentine’s Day is a day like any other

And for most of us it is. I woke up, had my coffee and got ready for work. My partner did the same. We’ll spend most of the day surrounded by our colleagues, staring at computer screens, talking to clients. Doesn’t really fill you with that warm and fuzzy feeling, does it. If you’re worried, you’re missing out because so many people are getting presents and expensive dinners, don’t be. After work my partner and me will head home and I’ll cook us a salmon dish, the recipe for which I found in Waitrose. I haven’t ever cooked it before, so it might end up being a rather sad way of saying “I love you”.

Just Like Any Other Day

There is no rulebook that tells us when it’s the right time to show our love

For us, Valentine’s Day is a day like any other. We don’t give each other presents, more to the point, we don’t really need or want anything. What we will do is spend time together. Maybe we’ll watch some On Demand TV, knowing us it’ll be a food programme. We’ll talk about our day. I’ll probably get over-excited about the trip to Paris we booked for spring.

If you’re in a relationship, every day should be Valentine’s Day. If you want to surprise your partner with a meal, you don’t have to wait till the 14th February. We can show our love in many different ways on any given day. Give your loved one a cuddle, surprise them with a cupcake on a tough day or try and surprise them with a trip to Paris. Which now isn’t a surprise anymore, because my other half isn’t keen on surprises. And if you want to shower them in presents, do it.

Make it Your Day

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How about surviving the societal pressures on this lovers’ day

When I looked out of the window this morning, our neighbour had “Happy Valentine’s Day” balloons tied to her car. And I thought how cute that her partner made the effort. But I also thought how mortified I’d be if Ben went down the path of such a public display of affection. Eeeek. I’d probably have to hide in the house for a couple of months. But our neighbour loved it. And I’m glad we both found partners who understand what makes us happy and what makes us cringe.

This is what it’s all about. Knowing what you want. We don’t feel any pressure because we don’t feel the world needs to be shown how much we love each other today. For us, surviving Valentine’s Day isn’t so much about surviving what is prescribed for today, it’s more about just getting through to the weekend when we can have a lie-in.

If you’re single and loving it, you know that makes you happy and you don’t need a heart shaped box of chocolates to make you feel good. If you’re in a relationship and want to spend the evening in your tracksuit on the sofa, I hope it’s comfortable. And if you can’t wait to get dolled up and go out for a fantastic night, I hope your partner and you have a booking somewhere.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about balloons, cards and chocolates, it’s about you knowing what makes you feel happy, loved and appreciated. Reminding yourself of that will help battle the environment today.

And because I’m nosy, let me know how you spent today ☺

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