Why I’ll Stop Complaining and Why You Should Too

Stop Complaining It's Not Good For You

It’s so easy to complain and moan. Come winter and dark days I find myself ranting even more. About everything. Which more often than not results in me feeling miserable. And there’s really no reason for the misery and a pitty party. My life is pretty good, I’ve got the world’s most amazing boyfriend and a comfortable, warm home. So my goal in January is to stop complaining.

Why do I Complain?

It’s dark outside and I’m like Argh, it feels like the middle of the night. Rough day at work and there’s no stopping me, if you’re unfortunate enough to be near me, you’ll get quite an earful.

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The funny (or not so funny, I just like the phrase) thing is that I’ve never been a fan of complainers. My advice has always been If you don’t like something, don’t waste time moaning about it, do something to change it. So it’s about time I take my own advice and pack it in.

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Stop Complaining! – that’s easier said than done

We’re all setting goals come New Year, so January has become my month to stop complaining. Or at least moan less. My lovely notebooks are empty and waiting. This is the perfect time to use them to jot down everything that I’m unhappy about. Putting my negative thoughts on paper will help me get them out of my system and hopefully prevent me from spreading the negative vibes to my nearest and dearest.

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Once written down, I’ll find actions to change what I complain about. There’s not enough time for me to blog. I’ll make time. I’ll spend less time faffing around on my phone or aimlessly surfing the channels. It’s too dark to take photos. Use weekends to take all you need for your upcoming posts. I’m not happy at work. Why is that? Is it the role, responsibilities, people? Let’s identify the culprits and figure out how we can change that.

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And if all that doesn’t stop me complaining, I’ve got another ace in store. A gratefulness jar or a diary. If I’m noting down my complaints, why not counteract them with the positive events in my life. Living in stereo-typically wet and miserable London, I’m grateful for a pretty dry winter.  That I have a job that pays for the mortgage, travels, my addiction to books and clothes. I’m grateful that I have time to read every day. I’m grateful for our wonderful home filled with love. That Ben’s always there for me no matter how moany I get.

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When we think about it, we realise how many positive moments, people and things our lives are filled with. Let’s not forget that when we jump on the bandwagon of complaints.

Are you trying to stop the negative vibes and working on happiness? Let me know how you do it.

Till next time, take care. xxx

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