Blogging on the Go

Blogging on the go from Japan

I didn‘t really think about how I’ll keep up the posts while I’m exploring  different corners of our beautiful planet. But smartphones are such a great help and all of the sudden, blogging on the go doesn’t seem like such a problem. 

Ever since we used our very first premium lounge at Heathrow, we never looked back. I don’t mind spending £56 (or £71 if you want to enjoy a glass of bubbly each) to relax in a quiet area with complimentary food and drink at the airport. Much better than queuing at Starbucks and spending loads of money running around the shops, all because there’s nowhere to sit. Very middle class, I know, but we’re too old to sit on our bags.

Relaxing at No Lounge before a long journey.

After a very relaxing start to our trip in London, we boarded a massive Airbus A380 for the first leg to Dubai. And from now on I only ever want to fly Emirates. Not only didn’t they run out of drinks, but the food was good and we got proper cutlery, none of this plastic stuff we’re so used to. We even made up for our 60 minute delay, so we got to UAE in plenty of time for our connecting flight to Tokyo. On Emirates again.

Emirates food is pretty decent.

Despite the clock on my phone telling me it’s 1:30am, my body was screaming for a coffee. And I got a Starbucks. And asked them not to make it too strong (funny, I know, seeing Starbucks is never really strong), but boy am I glad I asked for a weak one. I don’t even want to know what strong would be 🙂

One thing I learnt about blogging on the go with only a smartphone. Uploading photos to your post is almost impossible. 🙁

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