Japan – the Land of Gadgets

Japan, land of Gadgets

After a 24 hour journey we finally made it to Japan, well, Tokyo, the capital city of the gadget land. And we fell in love with this stunning city and the country the minute we got off our lovely Emirates plane and came face to face with numerous quirky gadgets.

Japan, the Land of Gadgets is a fairly descriptive blog title, but how could I chose anything else, when there’s smart toilets, key cards that don’t need slots, portable WiFi, machines taking your food order and payment and… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Ben getting or better said renting us portable WiFi was one of the best investments as it basically turned my bag into a powerful router 😀 And the best thing, this WiFi is unlimited, so both off our phones are constantly connected to the world. You can order one online and then pick them up at the airport. Ours was around £50 for unlimited WiFi for two weeks.

Portable WiFi in the Land of Gadgets.

And toilets are amazing. The seat is warmed up, it flushes automatically and there’s options for bide that I don’t even understand. Each toilet comes with its own control panel, how amazing is that!

Japan trip 2016

We also went to a local restaurant where waiters don’t get your order, a machine does! You put money into this machine and then select your dishes. The order is then printed out and you get to sit down. It’s not only really convenient, it’s really cheap too. We paid about £15 for two beers and two meals! Oh, and tipping in Japan isn’t a thing, so that’s one thing less to worry about.

Japan trip 2016

If you want you know what I wore on our first night out, check out my travel look below.

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