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So, I’m sitting in a lounge at Heathrow Airport, drinking bubbly and trying to write a post on my phone while battling the silly suggestions autocorrect throws at me. It’s been about six months since our last holiday. Well, a holiday that lasts a week or more and I’m excited to be leaving dear old London for some warmth and sun.

Blogging while travelling doesn’t seem to be viable in my case.

After having written the above about six days have passed. I’m once again sitting in an airport, sipping a latte, a normal one & not iced as I’m already freezing cold thanks to American love for air-con. I swapped Heathrow for Boston Logan and my destination is Charleston in South Carolina.

Sitting in an airport isn’t why I love to travel though.

Although there is something relaxing about reading a book while easy listening music plays in the background. For one, this must be the first time in ages that I’m actually sitting still and not feeling like I have to do a hundred and one thing. A person like me, who’s always running around at a speed of light needs some time to relax. And travelling gives me that. I never take my computer with me, to be honest, just having the phone is a distraction enough.

I’ve learnt that even when traveling, I’m allowed to have a lie-in.

Traveling is often associated with the fear of missing out. You’ve paid a huge amount of money for the plane ticket, taxis, cars, hotels, you name it, so it’s completely normal to want to do absolutely everything. And this leaves you exhausted. Anyone ever said they need a holiday after a holiday to rest? Well, I have. So, now I do things differently. We have a lie in, so what if we only show our faces after 12? We’re on holiday. We pick sights we really want to see and experiences we have been dreaming of for years. The rest will just have to wait. If nothing else, traveling has also taught me to prioritise. Woohoo for life skills.

You learn about people when you make them your travel buddies.

That’s why Ben is my perfect partner in crime. We’re both easy-going, not huge spenders, but also not averse to spending money. And the best thing, most of the time he’s happy to go along with my plans, which works for me seeing I’m the stubborn one. You need to find a travel buddy whose personality complements yours.

Traveling has helped me overcome me being a huge introvert.

Yes, traveling on my own was a massive challenge back in the day. I didn’t have friends who were so keen on flying to Australia for three months, so it was either forget your dreams or just go ahead with it and see what happens. When you travel on your own, you need to go out and talk to people or you’ll go insane and feel really homesick within the first week. So, you start learning about small talk, exchanging anecdotes and travel tips. Go self-confidence!

But that’s not all. Traveling opens your eyes to different cultures, languages and lifestyles.

This helps you appreciate what you have. And not just that. It helps you learn that humans, no matter where from, no matter how rich or poor, are essentially good and we should respect every single individual. I’m proud to say that thanks to travelling I have friends from different walks of life, different religious persuasions, different skin colour, different jobs and abilities. But guess what, we all have at least one thing in common. Be it our love for scuba diving or great food, or one too many cocktails on that specific occasion.

Don’t let your fears stop you. Go travel!

If you can’t afford overseas travel, visit countries that are nearby. Or travel around your own country or city. I know I still have so much of my home-country to discover that it’d suffice for the next few holidays.

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